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Progressive Insurance Review


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The company’s cheap prices and large product offerings attract customers. Over 13% of the U.S. market share for vehicle insurance is held by the nation’s third most popular insurer, Progressive. While USAA, Farmers, and Nationwide Insurance each had more than $33 billion in direct premiums issued, Progressive has more clients. How about we look at the reasons Progressive insurance is so popular, along with some standard coverage and reduction choices.

Progressive Insurance Pros and Cons


  • Customers have the option of purchasing insurance plans that may be tailored to suit their needs.
  • Progressive targets drivers who are seeking to buy many lines of insurance at once.
  • Progressive offers an array of qualifying discounts.


  • Progressive does not give any special incentives for home insurance enrollment.
  • The amount of alternatives you have for house insurance is scarce.

Progressive car insurance review

  • Claims satisfaction (J.D. Power) — Below average. While the Progressive Insurance Company only received below-average scores in J.D. Power’s most recent claims satisfaction study, it nevertheless received a higher than average ranking in this year’s JD Power Ratings.
  • Customer satisfaction (J.D. Power) – Below average. Progressive auto insurance’s total customer satisfaction is much below average, according to J.D. Power.
  • Financial Strength – Superior. AM Best has given Progressive a “Excellent” financial strength grade, meaning that Progressive maintains a good ability to pay out claims.
  • NAIC Rating – Good. The NAIC received minimal complaints against Progressive from customers in 2020.

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Progressive car insurance coverage options

Progressive offers basic and all-state coverage options including liability, uninsured motorist, collision, and comprehensive coverage. Progressive’s insurance prices, as well as the customized alternatives and benefits, may be explored.

Progressive name your price tool

The “name your price” feature provided by Progressive provides precisely what it advertises. You give Progressive a price, and they present the various insurance policies at or below that amount.

Small accident forgiveness

Your premiums won’t rise if it’s your first claim and the damages are less than $500.

Large accident forgiveness

You may be eligible for this program if you have had no accidents for the last three years and have been a Progressive customer for at least five years. Progressive’s generous no-fault accident coverage allows you to drive without worrying about your rates increasing in the event of a collision.

Roadside assistance service

Regardless of where you are on the road, Progressive roadside help includes lock-out service, fuel delivery, flat-tire replacements, and battery charging.

Loan/lease payoff

If you are financing or leasing a vehicle, it may be worth your while to investigate this coverage. Gap insurance is comparable to Progressive’s loan/lease repayment. When the current value of the car exceeds the initial loan, the loan/lease payback helps cover the remaining difference (up to 25 percent ).

Rental car reimbursement plan

If your automobile is unable to be used after an accident, Progressive will cover your rental car expenses. The nature of your automobile rental insurance coverage will be laid out in your policy. The typical per-day amount of medical coverage is between $30 and $50. 

Custom parts and equipment value insurance

You may want to consider buying this coverage if you have any major modifications to your cars, such as a radio, special wheels, or GPS system. It is possible to safeguard items that weren’t placed by the original maker.

Rideshare insurance coverage

You may not be completely covered if you’re a rideshare driver and are waiting for a ride request, because Uber and Lyft have limited coverage choices. Progressive ridesharing coverage enables all of your coverage (liability, comprehensiveness, collision). Once you order a ride, your insurance will startup. Cheap insurance like this is generally easy to find.

Deductible savings bank

This type of coverage works in a similar fashion to a disappearing deductible. You may expect to save $50 on your collision and comprehensive deductible after each six-month period in which you don’t have an accident. You may keep these $50 savings until your deductible is at $0.

Progressive auto insurance discounts 

Certain qualifications and state availability go towards insurance savings. If you’re searching for a method to save money on your monthly vehicle insurance premiums, here are some of the ways you may do so with Progressive’s insurance discounts. Get the details on the various vehicle insurance reductions available.

Discounts based on the driver or vehicle: 

  • Safe driving discount. Car insurance premiums for claim- and ticket-free drivers are, on average, 31 percent lower. To be eligible, you need to avoid being in an accident or being in violation of any rules for at least three years.
  • Multiple vehicle discount. Progressive customers who use more than one car are given a 10% discount. Vehicles have to park at the specified address on the insurance most of the time in order to be eligible.
  • Good student discount. To be eligible for a student discount, you or your student must have a GPA of 3.0 or above.
  • Student away at school discount. Also, students who are under 22 years old and more than 100 miles away from their parents’ home can use the excellent student discount.
  • Continuous coverage. Insurers regard safe drivers as those with an insurance history. Progressive will offer you a discount for your years of insurance coverage.
  • Homeowners discount. Progressive customers get a 10% discount when they own their own houses. Car insurance claims are less common among homeowners, making them less costly consumers. In order to receive this discount, you do not need to have house insurance with Progressive — simply have a home.

Discounts based on policy

  • Multi-policy discount. In exchange for bundling your vehicle insurance with a second policy, you might receive a multi-policy discount. Progressive says customers may average a 5% reduction on vehicle insurance by combining it with any of its other insurance products.
  • Sign online. Progressive gives an 8% discount on vehicle policies if you complete your papers online.
  • Online quote. Progressive is offering clients a 7% discount if they use their online quotation system. Regardless of whether you start your quote online or with a human service provider, this is possible.
  • Paperless. By enrolling in email-based policy updates, you may get a little discount. This price reduction is not part of Progressive’s online price reduction benefit.
  • Pay in full discount. Paying your insurance payment in full may qualify you for a discount.
  • Automatic payments. You can get a discount on your Progressive insurance if you set up direct bank account payments.

Progressive bundling options

To receive the multi-policy discount, it is possible to combine your vehicle insurance policy with one or more additional insurance products. Progressive Insurance offers several other forms of insurance which may be included in a bundle.

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