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Root Insurance Review


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As long as your primary goal is to receive the most affordable quotation possible, Root is a feasible option for vehicle insurance quotes. Root Car Insurance is a usage-based insurance company that uses a mobile app to monitor your driving during a test-drive period and adjusts the pricing of your vehicle insurance as a result of the data collected. In contrast to other large auto insurance, Root’s whole business strategy is focused on the use of telemetry tracking technology to determine usage-based discounts.

Because of this personalized approach, there is no standard pricing and no way to forecast the cost of a Root auto insurance policy without first doing a test drive with the company. Customers can save up to $900 per year, according to the company’s marketing materials.

It is possible that purchasing auto insurance through Root will save you money if you belong to a high-risk group, such as youngsters or drivers with poor credit scores. Unless you’re participating in a telematics program, the bulk of insurance companies will base your premiums on your demographic information. As a result, even if you are a cautious driver, you will be charged a higher insurance price just because you belong to a particular demographic.

Root, on the other hand, sets rates mostly on the basis of a driver’s performance, which is monitored by the app. Demographic information and credit scores are taken into account, but not to the extent that they are with typical vehicle insurance companies.

Root, for example, will not insure drivers who perform poorly during the test drive process. As a result, rates for the pool of certified drivers remain low. The company has also committed to completely eliminating credit scores from its pricing model by 2025, guaranteeing that conscientious drivers are not penalized for situations that are out of their control.

However, there are certain disadvantages to paying low-cost auto insurance premiums, including the following: A bad customer service grade has been assigned to Root by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), with consumers expressing their dissatisfaction mostly through complaints regarding delays and abrupt coverage terminations.

Pros and cons of Root Car Insurance

Root Car Insurance Pros

  • Low-mileage drivers
  • Drivers who do everything to keep themselves safe on the road
  • Prospective customers want to save on renters and vehicle insurance.

Root Car Insurance Cons

  • high-risk drivers in the high-risk categories.
  • Insurance agents who prioritize work
  • drivers who seek a comprehensive insurance plan

Root Car Insurance Review

Root Car Insurance is among the pioneers of telematics technology, which allows them to set rates based on driving behavior rather than on more traditional rating parameters. Additionally, the firm plans to end the use of credit scores, which it believes is unfair, by 2025. While it’s unusual for an insurance company to do this, Root Insurance has the goal of bringing about some fresh changes to an industry that tends to move slowly.

Root Car Insurance is a sensible choice for drivers with a spotless driving record and those who do not drive much. Root’s policies might not be suitable for you if you don’t meet any of those descriptions. Discover more about what Root Insurance clients may anticipate and if it’s suited for you by reading the following text.

Root Car Insurance Ratings

How Does Root Car Insurance Work?

Root rewards responsible drivers with reduced rates. Drivers download the Root Insurance app and create an account, and the software watches and rates their driving during a test-drive period.

  • Habits of braking
  • Changing patterns of behavior
  • Telephone usage that is secure
  • Driving in a safe manner

If you install the Root Insurance app on your phone and enable location permissions, the program will always follow your driving; you do not need to log in to the app or website to use it. The software also detects whether you’re driving, bicycling, or riding as a passenger in a plane, train, or automobile, and hence excludes these journeys from your driving score. Users can access their Root app scores to see how the firm evaluates their performance.

It will take around three weeks to complete the test drive and obtain a no-obligation Root auto insurance quote. If you decide to terminate your current insurance policy and join Root, you can use the app to request that Root notify your previous insurer.

Additionally, Root offers software called RootReady that enables drivers of certain types of vehicles to use previously gathered driving data in lieu of a test drive. GM vehicles purchased after 2015 already collect data on driving behaviors that can be used to calculate a rate using Root’s telematics.

Additionally, you may add other drivers to your Root policy using the app. They are not compelled to participate on the test drive, although Root strongly encourages them to. Without the test drive, Root is forced to determine rates based on conventional demographic and geographic data and is unable to offer other drivers discounts for safe driving.

A recent analysis from CB Insights indicates that enrollment in UBI programs is on the rise. They have been able to find over 10 insurers that have brought up telematics or their telematics programs in corporate earnings calls since the beginning of 2018, which demonstrates that driving applications are increasingly being recognized as a more vital business strategy.

You must keep your phone on you while you drive. Root compiles data about your driving style by collecting information from your smartphone. Do you know how your phone knows when you’re being obnoxious in public? That’s because of telematics, which uses sensors to track how fast you’re driving, but also when and how long you drive, as well as when you slam on the brakes and pop the clutch.

Also, Root may capture the information related to your name, address, and car once you scan in your driver’s license (or manually enter it). Once you have confirmed that the information is correct, you are ready to start the test drive.

How To Pay For Root Car Insurance?

Root policies are valid for six months, and drivers can pay for their car insurance in full or in monthly installments. Payments are made through the app, and policyholders can use a credit card or Apple Pay to make them. Additionally, the app stores your proof of insurance, though the company will mail you a separate card.

If you choose monthly payments, you will select a payment date within the app. Additionally, you can change the payment frequency in the app from monthly to full term.

Root Car Insurance Premiums

After six months, the premium for your Root insurance policy may increase. While your driving is the primary factor that determines your rate, other factors can contribute to an increase in your rate. Among them are the following:

  • Your insurance policy’s listed drivers
  • Your policy’s automobiles
  • Your record of driving (e.g., tickets)
  • Weather variations of a magnitude
  • Around you, the accident rate
  • The cost of automobiles in your immediate vicinity.

Additionally, Root adjusts premiums based on the accuracy with which it forecasts its own costs over a six-month period. When premium revenue exceeds the cost of claims payment, rates increase; when premium revenue exceeds the cost of claims payment, rates decrease.

Some customers have complained about their rates skyrocketing after the first policy term, so shoppers should be aware that the rate they are quoted following the test drive may increase significantly — even if their behavior as the driver remains unchanged.

Additionally, shoppers should be aware that Root maintains a record of their data following the test drive. After the test drive, the company states that it will stop using the score to determine your rating. According to the company’s privacy statement, you can also change your permissions regarding data sharing after the test-drive period has expired.

Root Car Insurance Claims

Root policyholders can use the app to file a claim and request roadside assistance following an accident. Provide as much detail as possible and, if possible, upload photographs. Root will contact you following the submission to assess the claim and determine the appropriate course of action.

If you’d rather speak with a Root claims expert directly during business hours, you can reach them at 866-980-9431. You can also file an auto insurance claim on the company’s website or by calling the company’s dedicated phone number 24 hours a day, but you will likely be able to speak with a Root claims expert only during business hours.

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Root car insurance coverage options

Root supplies the basic insurance coverage choices such as the following, which are commonly available from vehicle insurance providers.

  • Physical harm and property liability
  • Collision and in-depth (often referred to as full coverage when purchased together)
  • Motorist liability coverage for drivers without/under-insured (bodily injury)

In addition to standard vehicle insurance, several insurers offer coverage for motorists in states with special requirements:

  • Third-party liability coverage
  • Health-related expenses
  • Uninsured motorist property damage

In addition to having excellent premiums, the firm also provides emergency road support to every customer, which helps drivers in the event of an emergency. If you’re on Root, there’s one more type of supplemental coverage: automobile rental protection. Should you choose to acquire this insurance, Root will cover your rental car or reimburse you for Lyft trips.

These alternatives may be restrictive for those who have particular coverage needs. Even though Root offers higher limits, standard-coverage drivers will have no problem finding anything to fit their needs.

What Makes Root Different Than Traditional Car Insurance?

Root differentiates itself from large national insurers by adding roadside assistance as a standard feature on all of its insurance policies. This is a good perk, considering the majority of businesses charge an additional fee for roadside help. Root will cover up to three services (such as a flat tire or jump-start) that cost less than $100 each throughout the six-month policy period.

Root also differentiates itself from other insurers by its option for rideshare rental reimbursement. Numerous providers offer a rental reimbursement add-on that covers the cost of a rental automobile while your own vehicle is being repaired following an accident covered by your policy. In this case, Root permits drivers to use their daily allocation of ridesharing credits instead of a rented car.

Root policyholders, on the other hand, must make do with limited coverage possibilities. While many other auto insurance companies offer drivers additional coverage options such as gap and ridesharing insurance, Root does not. Apart from standard collision and comprehensive coverage, Root policyholders have the option of adding rental car reimbursement coverage to their policy.

Similarly, while many insurance companies provide uninsured motorist property damage coverage to drivers in all jurisdictions in which they do business, Root does not.

Drivers in need of SR-22 auto insurance can obtain it from Root. Numerous states require drivers who have lost their license to file an SR-22 document demonstrating that they have adequate liability coverage before their license can be reinstated. The insurance policy referred to in the SR-22 form is frequently referred to as “SR-22 insurance.” In the app, root policyholders can apply for an SR-22.

Root Insurance discounts 

People who are hoping to find several auto insurance discount choices will be disappointed. Because Root Insurance claims to provide discounts at the start of the insurance, this is the case. New drivers are screened with a road exam. This is, in effect, a safe driver’s discount. That being said, the only meaningful discounts drivers may expect are:

Multiple policies

Through Root Insurance, you may bundle your vehicle and house insurance for savings.

Good driving record

If you avoid accidents while being a Root client, you may see savings. You can qualify for a 20% reduction in your premium for driving without getting a ticket for three years and up to a 35% reduction after five years of clean driving.

How to cancel a Root insurance policy

People can call their insurance carrier at 1-866-980-9431 to cancel their insurance or make changes to their coverage using the Root app. 

Can I cancel my Root policy online?

The Root app permits policy cancellations. For inquiries, consumers can contact the support team via email at [email protected] or phone (1-866-980-9431).

Root Insurance Technology Review

The core of Root’s insurance offering is their mobile app, which is available for Apple and Android. The Root app is required to obtain coverage with this insurance company, which is unlike most of the major insurers. The app monitors your driving behaviors to achieve your rate. The software also allows users to do the following tasks in addition to tracking the driver’s activity: 

  • Manage and file claims.
  • When looking for vehicle insurance, a policy with homeowner or renter’s coverage is easily available.
  • Configure online bill payment.
  • Enrich the driver and vehicle lists.
  • Read through policy documents.
  • Get documentation for insurance cards.

Where can I purchase Root Insurance?


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Frequently asked questions

Browse answers to common questions about insurance in Root Insurance Review, .

Is Root an insurance carrier?

Root Insurance Company provides automobile insurance to customers in 31 different states throughout the United States of America.

In order to use Root, users must download their mobile app and test drive for several weeks while the program watches their driving behavior in the background. Root is available on iOS and Android devices.

How Does Root Car Insurance work?

The Root Car Insurance app makes use of smartphone technology to track and analyze driving behavior, such as braking, turning speed, driving times, and route consistency, in order to identify who is a safe driver and who is not. You can also use the app to get rid of your previous insurance policy.

How To Get A Quote From Root Car Insurance?

Prior to receiving a car insurance quotation from Root, you must first complete a “Test Drive,” during which the company’s app will observe your driving behavior for a few weeks…

The way it works is as follows: Sign up for a Test Drive… Allow Root to track your driving habits in order to provide you with a customized quote.

Does Root insurance pay car insurance claims?

Root certainly does. Root normally pays claims within ten business days. Because the majority of car insurance companies nowadays will take several weeks to review and pay a claim, this is a good benefit for individuals who want their money sooner.

How To Cancel Root Car Insurance?

Open the Root application. Navigate to ‘Policy and Payments‘. Choose ‘Policy‘. Select ‘Cancel my Policy.’

Does Root Track My Speed?

Root Car Insurance tracks your driving habits via telematics. Throughout your “test drive,” the app will record your driving characteristics, including your speed, braking tendencies, and mileage. At the conclusion of your trial time, you’ll learn whether Root will offer you coverage and how much you’ll pay for it.

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