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Travelers Insurance Review


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The vast variety of products offered by Travelers Insurance is not the greatest option for those who are seeking top-notch service. Consider below our Travelers Insurance Review.

Travelers insurance Pros and Cons


  • One of the bundling choices offered by Travelers is house, vehicle, and pet insurance.
  • Lots of discount opportunities
  • A range of benefits for environmentally conscious homes


  • Policy options are less robust than some competitors

Travelers auto insurance ratings

In addition to creating the first vehicle insurance policy in the United States, the firm also led the way in several other insurance sector innovations. It first began operating in 1864 as a travel insurance firm, offering coverage to travelers on trains. Today, clients have several sorts of vehicle insurance policies and coverages to choose from, as well as many forms of non-auto insurance options.

You can learn more about travel vehicle insurance policies, features, and savings by reading our travel car insurance review.

  • Claims satisfaction — Below average. In J.D. Power’s 2020 Claims Satisfaction Study, travelers had a below-average grade.
  • Customer satisfaction — Below average. The J.D. Power research from 2021 shows that customers have given Travelers a below-average grade in overall customer satisfaction.
  • Financial strength — Superior. AM Best rates Travelers “superior” in financial condition makes it more likely that they will be able to pay claims.
  • NAIC Rating — Good. The NAIC saw fewer complaints about Travelers than the industry average in 2020.

Travelers car insurance coverage options

Travelers compete with other large-scale insurance firms, offering conventional collision coverage, extensive coverage of liability — along with PIP, uninsured and insured motorists and medical coverage. Let’s talk about some of the additional features and insurance choices that may be added to a Travelers vehicle insurance policy which could come in helpful in the future.

Accident forgiveness

Accident forgiveness, which would waive your premium if you have one accident every 36 months, is included in two different types of vehicle insurance provided by travelers.The plan also offers minor violation forgiveness as well as accident forgiveness; that means you are shielded from increasing your premiums by one small traffic infraction every 36 months.

If you enroll in their Premier Responsible Driver Plan®, your insurance will also cover accidents where you were at fault and pay traffic tickets at a lower cost. You can earn a $50 credit every six months if you have no accidents or significant violations with all drivers on your policy. This credit will apply to your deductible in the event of a covered loss. In addition, your deductible is waived if your automobile is wrecked.

Lease/loan gap insurance coverage

For most leasing and loan customers, if their vehicle is a total loss in an accident, their insurance provider will give them the real cash worth of their automobile, which takes depreciation into account. When you’re in a scenario where you have a loan or lease that’s still outstanding because the real cash worth of your automobile is less than the amount of the remaining debt you owe your lender, you might wind up owing more money. Gap insurance protects you against out-of-pocket expenses, so the remaining amount will be covered.

New car replacement

In the event that your new automobile is totaled within the first five years of ownership, this coverage will provide you with the identical make and model in its stead. However, many insurance companies only provide coverage for the first one to three years of ownership. People usually choose this option in addition to the lease/loan gap insurance and a lower car glass deductible stated above.

Rental car coverage

Travelers pays for the rental of a car if your own vehicle is damaged in a covered loss and must be repaired for more than 24 hours.

Roadside assistance

There are two roadside help options available to travelers: basic and Premier Roadside Assistance®. Standard roadside help, including jumpstarts, flat tire assistance, and lockouts are covered up to 15 miles under basic towing services. Although you could also be eligible for Premier Roadside Support® from Travelers, which covers a few perks in addition to basic roadside assistance. If your car breaks down and is unable to be fixed within 24 hours, the trip interruption coverage reimburses you for food and accommodation expenses incurred while waiting for your vehicle to be repaired. A $500 personal property coverage limit is included in your policy and provides reimbursement for stolen or damaged personal items that occur during a covered loss.

Travelers insurance discounts and rewards programs

Premiums are dependent on where you live and your driving history. However, this is not necessary. Car insurance companies typically provide policies with at least one discount, so you should look into those if you’re in the market for a new coverage. Travelers provides policyholders with a few options to reduce their monthly premium payments.

Discounts based on your policy

  • Multi-policy. When purchasing insurance from one insurer, it is usually a good idea to consider some discounts from Travelers. By bundling vehicle and Travelers home insurance policies, you can save 10% on your premiums, and 5% on your premiums by combining renters and auto insurance.
  • Multi-car. You may receive a discount of up to 8 percent if you cover two or more automobiles on the same policy.
  • Continuous insurance. For those with gaps in their insurance coverage, you might receive up to 15% off.
  • Early quote. You can get a 3-10% discount on your new Travelers insurance if you’re a new client and obtain a quotation before your existing policy expires.
  • Billing. Get up to 15% discount if you regularly and on time pay your payment.

Discounts based on the driver or vehicle

  • Safe driver. If you’ve never had an accident or a violation, you may receive up to 10% off your next car rental, and even more (up to 23%) if you haven’t gotten a ticket or violation in the last five years.
  • New car. If you purchase or already own a new car that’s under three years old, you can save up to 10% by doing so.
  • Homeownership. Even if your condo or homes insurance is not through Travelers, you may be eligible for a 5 percent discount on your vehicle insurance if you own a house.
  • Hybrid/electric vehicle. If you buy or lease a hybrid or electric car, you can save on your auto insurance premiums.

Discounts for young drivers

  • Good student. If you fulfill Travelers’ academic standards by keeping a “B” average or being in the top 20% of your class, you can enjoy a student discount.
  • Student away at school. If one of your auto insurance dependents is a student who lives more than 100 miles away and doesn’t use your vehicles, you may be eligible for a 7% reduction.
  • Driver training. The training will save you as much as 8% on your insurance premiums.

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Travelers insurance bundling options

You may save money and simplify payments with Travelers, who allows you to bundle your coverage, as it provides you with a wide range of options.

How to cancel Travelers insurance

To cancel your Travelers insurance, contact 1-800-842-5075 and request that your coverage be terminated. You may even be able to get a cancellation from an agent at your local Travelers insurance office. They can assist you find out if you are subject to early cancellation costs or if you have already paid for the next year’s premiums. A new policy should be put in place before terminating your present insurance.

When canceling your Travelers policy, follow these steps:

  1. Please include your account number and any relevant customer information.
  2. Please ask that your current contract and future payments be stopped immediately.
  3. Give genuine answers to any further queries.
  4. Suggest that an email be sent to confirm the order.

Can I cancel Travelers insurance in the middle of my policy term? 

Yes. Travelers’ insurance coverage is allowed to be terminated halfway through its term. However, it’s imperative that you have another policy in place to avoid gaps in your insurance coverage before terminating your current plan. It’s wise to start your hunt for a new insurance policy and begin comparison shopping rates before you terminate your current Travelers insurance.

Travelers insurance online features 

Travelers provides online services through MyTravelers® accounts to policyholders. The following are some of the things customers may accomplish using the web portal:

  • Report claims
  • Pay bills
  • Set up automatic payments
  • See policy and billing info
  • View/print insurance cards

Travelers mobile apps

Travelers policyholders have access to the following applications. See the details on the Travelers telematics program in the Car Insurance Discounts section above.

  • Travelers Photo Capture Auto. This application’s interface provides visual aids and videos to help policyholders make a car claim.
  • Travelers Mobile. An application that allows you to access ID cards, pay bills, modify policies, and other activities.

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