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Safeco Insurance Review


Lisa Huyhn

September 7, 2021

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Safeco Insurance, a subsidiary of Liberty Mutual, was established in Seattle, Washington, in 1923. The company’s insurance offerings throughout the years grew to include several lines of insurance with a strong emphasis on cost competitiveness and overall coverage. Safeco provides a variety of different vehicle insurance plans, including several coverage options and multiple chances for discounts. In addition, the firm encourages clients to bundle house and car insurance policies to save money.

Liberty Mutual customers may be certain that the firm will pay claims, thanks to its support. Even if JD Power reports lower customer satisfaction scores for Safeco, some could be put off by this. The firm does have a variety of decent insurance policies to offer and is also capable of providing pretty cheap rates for both house and vehicle insurance. To assist you to make a decision on if Safeco is a good choice for your new insurance policy, check out our coverage choices, discounts, and claims satisfaction summary. Check out this useful article of Safeco Insurance Review to know more about the insurance company.

Safeco auto insurance Ratings

Safeco offers several advantages and coverage plans for drivers. The firm’s coverage choices and accessible discounts are good overall, however complaints and customer satisfaction levels are not consistent. If you want to know more about Safeco auto insurance, our review below will be of interest.

  • Claims satisfaction (J.D. Power) — Average. J.D. Power gave Safeco an average grade in their Claims Satisfaction Study, which was published in 2020..
  • Customer satisfaction (J.D. Power) — Average. J.D. Power’s 2021 survey shows that Safeco customers had an average degree of satisfaction, according to its consumers. 
  • Financial strength — Excellent. Safeco’s AM Best-monitored financial strength shows its capacity to pay claims is solid.
  • NAIC rating — Below average. Safeco had an above-average number of complaints from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) in 2019.

Safeco Pros and Cons


  • Shoppers hunting for deals.
  • Those who drive passengers for profit (in certain states)
  • Those searching for a house and vehicle insurance package


  • People who want to get the best customer service and claims experience available
  • People who decline to bundle their coverage
  • People only interested in basic coverage

Safeco Insurance bundling options

Safeco Insurance provides a multitude of insurance products, with many of these available in packages. Safeco’s “Safeco Package” is what the firm calls it. This may save you money and simplify the process of tracking your coverage. Safeco promises 15% savings on a bundle of house, vehicle, boat, and RV coverage. Furthermore, you may be eligible for a single deductible if, for instance, your home and car are bundled and both damaged in the same event.

Safeco car insurance coverage options

Apart from the usual accident, personal injury, and other standard insurance, Safeco offers a wide variety of other policies and coverages that may be added to your vehicle insurance.

  • Accident forgiveness. After a certain number of years with no accidents or infractions, you can become eligible for accident forgiveness. This is not legal in California.
  • Diminishing deductible. Safeco’s decreasing deductible program, also known as a disappearing deductible, can decrease your deductible by $100 each year, when you renew your insurance. To be eligible for this benefit, you must have no claims filed against you throughout your insurance period. Not all states have this option.
  • Loan/lease gap coverage. Safeco pays the gap between the value of your vehicle after the total loss and the outstanding balance on your loan or lease, if your automobile is a total loss while you’re still making payments to your lender. Another term for this is gap insurance.
  • First aid reimbursement. All vehicle insurance policies provide $10,000 of first aid reimbursement coverage after an accident.
  • Roadside assistance. In addition to breakdown recovery, such as flat tires, locked keys, and battery jumpstarts, Safeco will pay for towing if your car becomes stuck.
  • Emergency assistance. In the event of an accident 25 miles or more from your home, your coverage may be raised in the event of an emergency. Additional assistance is provided for damaged personal goods, with expenditures, meals, accommodation, and transportation all provided up to $500.
  • Rental car reimbursement. Safeco, a frequent add-on to many automobile insurance plans, will help pay for the cost of a rental car when your own vehicle is out of service after an accident and is being repaired. For those who still have a drivable automobile after a claim, Safeco provides an extra service where a rental car valet driver brings your damaged car to a repair facility, and delivers a rental car to your house or business.
  • New car replacement. Safeco pays for the value of a comparable automobile if your vehicle is brand new and then is stolen or totaled. You may read more about this benefit here.
  • Pet coverage. Safeco offers pet injury and death coverage if you need to pay the cost of vet bills.
  • Personal property auto insurance coverage. If your personal items are stolen or destroyed in an accident, you’ll be compensated.
  • Electronic key and lock replacement. Safeco will waive your deductible and provide you with replacement electronic keys if you have a claim for lost or stolen keys.
  • AV and custom equipment coverage. In addition to protecting the original factory equipment, this plan also covers losses to your audio, visual, and custom equipment including stereos and performance-enhancing or customized parts.
  • Safeco rideshare coverage. This is an optional add-on for rideshare drivers, and it’s available in Arizona, Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Oklahoma, Oregon, Tennessee, Utah, Washington, and Wisconsin. Other states will join them shortly. Safeco’s website estimates that the monthly cost of this coverage is $10.

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Safeco insurance discounts and reward programs

Even if your premiums are already high, you should constantly seek out and implement reductions offered by each insurance carrier. Safeco’s available discounts aren’t too shabby. You can qualify for several of them.

Insurance discounts based on your policy

  • Multi-policy. Combine your home and auto insurance to get a 15% discount.
  • Pay in full. If you start or renew your insurance by paying your premium in full, you’ll see some discounts.

Discounts based on your driving profile or vehicle

  • Multi-car. A way to save money on vehicle insurance is to insure more than one automobile on the same policy.
  • Homeowners. If you own a house, you may be entitled for discounts.
  • Accident prevention course. Those who are over 55 and finish an authorized accident prevention course may be eligible for a reduction on their insurance premiums for the next three years.
  • Low-mileage. A 20% reduction in costs is possible for drivers who use fewer than 8,000 miles annually (Not available in Alaska and California).
  • Anti-theft device. If your automobile has a theft-deterrent system installed, you may be eligible for some insurance discounts.
  • Anti-lock brakes. If your automobile has a factory-installed four-wheel anti-lock braking system, you may be eligible for a discount (ABS).

Discounts for young drivers with Safeco

  • Good student. If you want to earn a student discount, keep your grades up in school.
  • Driver training. To save on their insurance rates, teens should complete a certified driver education course.
  • Distant student. If your kid lives over 100 miles away from their parents and their car is under-insured, you may be able to get a price break.
  • Newly independent. After being covered by an existing Safeco policy (often their parents’), your adolescent may qualify for a discount on their new policy if they make the move to their own Safeco insurance.
  • New teen. After 12 months of being a Safeco policyholder, you will earn a 27% discount for adding your teen to your insurance.
  • Tenure. If you’ve been a Safeco client for more than two years and have recently added your adolescent to your insurance policy, you may be eligible for this discount.

Safeco Telematics

Safeco RightTrack is a telematics program offered by Safeco. The company provides an installed gadget or downloadable software that watches your driving for three months to assist in determining your insurance premiums. Despite the uncertainty about how much money you’ll save, the company’s website notes that individuals who adopt safe driving practices might expect a discount of 5% to 30% depending on their habits.

How to cancel Safeco Insurance

Contact your local Safeco agent or representative at 1-800-332-3226 to terminate your Safeco Insurance coverage. Your insurance can be canceled in a flash by your agent or representative. They can also inform you if you will be liable for cancellation costs or be eligible for a premium refund. In advance of the cancellation of current coverage, take care to finalize a new insurance policy.

To cancel your Safeco insurance, be sure to do the following while speaking to a representative:

  1. Provide your policy number and other customer details
  2. Request that contract and any recurring payments be canceled
  3. Answer follow-up questions honestly
  4. Request that a confirmation email be sent

Can I cancel Safeco Insurance in the middle of my policy term? 

Yes. Safeco insurance can be terminated whenever they are no longer needed. Most insurance companies want you to cancel coverage at the end of your term, but Safeco enables you to cancel at any time in the policy period. Nevertheless, it is important that you have another policy in place to avoid an insurance coverage lapse before terminating your current policy. To prevent increases in your insurance premiums, begin comparing rates with Safeco before you go your separate ways. For vehicle insurance, this may mean avoiding a DMV penalty in your state.

Safeco online features

Safeco’s website is pretty straightforward to navigate and is also free of clutter. In addition to the online bill pay and policy document access, it provides tools for filing and managing claims, as well as the option to add drivers to a policy.

Safeco Mobile is a mobile app company-wide. It is praised for its usability and function. This app makes it possible for consumers to examine their insurance coverage, make payments, process claims, access their policy papers, and retrieve their Safeco insurance agent contact information. Learn more about the app’s features using this list.

  • Safeco Roadside Assistance can be easily accessed through the app.
  • You may use the app to take pictures of the damage and keep track of the status of your claim.
  • Find repair businesses, make an appointment with a mechanic, and get a rental car. 
  • Check the estimated repair costs, and see how your car is doing.

In addition to the business’s RightTrack® telematics service, the company has developed an app, albeit not all states may have access to it.

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