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Volkswagen Insurance Cost


Lisa Huyhn

August 9, 2021

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Volkswagen Insurance Cost

Volkswagen cars are recognized for their dependable rides and precise handling. They generally have high safety ratings, which contributes to a cheaper Volkswagen insurance costs.

How to compare Volkswagen insurance cost

Volkswagen Insurance Cost - Volkswagen Logo

When deciding of Volkswagen insurance cost, insurers companies consider numerous car-related aspects, such as the vehicle’s safety ratings, risk of theft, replacement prices, and general damage susceptibility.

Other factors that influence Volkswagen insurance rates include the model, mileage, and trim package. Personal factors such as your driving record, credit score, and age all play a part.

VW car insurance rates by model

Pros and cons of insuring a Volkswagen


  • Good safety ratings
  • Low theft rates


  • Avoid diesel models

Volkswagen car facts

  • Volkswagen, located in Germany, was created in 1937 with the goal of developing an automobile that was both inexpensive and efficient.
  • The famous Beetle was launched in 1959, propelling Volkswagen to the number one vehicle import in the United States. Despite the fact that the final Beetle was produced in 2019, aficionados of the Bug will continue to collect this classic for years to come.
  • Volkswagen sells vehicles ranging in price from the entry-level Jetta ($17,895 beginning MSRP) to the high-end Touareg ($49,495 starting MSRP). VW now provides direct finance to assist you in purchasing any VW vehicle you choose.
  • Volkswagen cars have a good safety rating, which indicates they are involved in fewer accidents and have fewer claims. They are also stolen less frequently than other automobile brands. These variables reduce total insurance prices.
  • VW’s latest automobile technology is intended to offer drivers complete control over their vehicle. Volkswagen’s modular automobile architecture allows cars to be modified in thousands of different ways while yet sharing common automotive parts.
  • VWs have features such as driving profiles, which let you to choose between regular, comfort, and sport settings based on your driving preferences, as well as linked vehicles, which allow you to connect to your car via a smartphone app.

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What’s Dieselgate?

Volkswagen cars were discovered to emit greater amounts of nitrogen oxides than stated in official environmental standards testing in 2014. The manufacturer, dubbed Dieselgate by the media, was discovered to have placed software in its engines to bypass normal emissions testing. VW subsequently recalled millions of vehicles globally, in addition to paying billions of dollars in penalties and legal settlements, as well as an incalculable loss of brand trust.

Are there any standout VW models?

The Atlas is Volkswagen’s first car featuring a third row of seats. Fold down the second and third seats to have access to 96.8 cubic feet of cargo capacity, or carry up to six people. Select from a variety of trim options to obtain amenities like as adaptive cruise control, three-zone temperature control, and a remote power liftgate.

Prices begin at $30,750.

Volkswagen competitors

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Bottom line

Unless you have a horrible driving record or low credit, you should be able to obtain fairly costly auto insurance for your VW. However, be sure to look around for the best auto insurance for you.

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Volkswagen Jetta

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