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Infiniti Car Insurance Cost


Peter Mondrose

July 28, 2021

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Infiniti Car Insurance Cost

This article is about Infiniti Insurance Cost. An average Infiniti Insurance Cost is $189 per month, or $2,265 per year. Infiniti insurance cost are more expensive than the typical car insurance, because Infiniti are more expensive car than the usual car.

However, they are often safe vehicles that are not commonly stolen, which reduces insurance costs.

How a vehicle from Infiniti affects insurance costs

Infiniti Insurance Cost Review - Infiniti Logo

In deciding the cost of insurance, insurance firms take into account several aspects. Some of the significant elements include the safety rating of an automobile, how likely it is to be stolen, the miles and the cost to replace or repair the car.

The fact that an Infiniti is not often targeted by robbers and excellent safety ratings is more costly to repair or replace, but helps balance the expense of insuring an Infiniti.

Fewer insurers are prepared to cover your QX60 or QX70. However, you should be able to very quickly get coverage outside those restrictions.

Pros and cons of insuring an Infiniti


  • Good safety ratings
  • Not commonly stolen


  • Costly to repair or replace

About the Infiniti brand

In contrast to premium brands that exist over a century — consider Mercedes-Benz and BMW — Infiniti is a relatively young participant. Founded 28 years ago by Nissan, it was the answer to competitors Honda and Toyota‘s premium brands Acura and Lexus.

Today, Infiniti is America’s seventh-largest premium vehicle brand. The Q50 model is very popular as the sixth best-selling luxury automobile in the United States.

Are there any standout Infiniti models?

The Infiniti QX80 is the sole full-size 2018 Infiniti SUV. The QX80 has a towing capability of 8,500 pounds at 210 inches but provides superior turning and smooth movement thanks to the hydraulic body movement control system. And the intelligent rear view mirror and predictive forward collision warning works to safeguard drivers.

The QX80 starter price is $64,750. Financing options from Infiniti are available.

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What’s Infiniti InTouch?

Infiniti’s suite of technology, known as InTouch, includes navigation, entertainment, safety, and convenience features. The bundle you pick will allow you to ask Alexa to unlock your doors, play music, and start the car all from the comfort of your own home with a voice command.

Infiniti car facts

  • Although Infiniti is not able to take advantage of names like Mercedes-Benz, BMW or Lexus, its cars are priced for the premium sector. QX30 ($29,950 MSRP) is the lowest model, while QX80 is the cheapest ($63,850 MSRP).
  • Car thieves target Infiniti cars on a rare basis. This contributes to reduced insurance rates.
  • The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety gives newer Infiniti vehicles high marks for safety (IIHS). The 2017 QX60 has been named a Top Safety Pick by the IIHS.
  • You may wish to go above the minimum liability coverage for your Infiniti, increasing your protection with comprehensive coverage.

Compare Infiniti competitors

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Bottom line

Infiniti’s is not cheap, and neither is insurance. However, insurance is not costly due to the excellent safety features and other considerations. However, search around to get the best auto insurance for you.

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