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Plymouth Rock Insurance Review


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Plymouth Rock

Plymouth Rock

581 Main Street, Woodbridge Township, NJ 07095

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Despite being available in only six states, this insurance business sells a variety of products and discounts.

Plymouth Rock Insurance Pros and Cons


  • Praised for financial stability
  • customer complaints are in short supply
  • Greater flexibility in policy coverage choices for both auto and homes insurance
  • Offers a variety of discounts
  • Home insurance premiums are very affordable


  • Limited geographic availability
  • Drivers in their 20s, 40s, 50s, and 60s have to pay more for vehicle insurance.
  • Typically more expensive for drivers with speeding tickets and at-fault accidents

Plymouth Rock auto insurance review

Plymouth Rock Assurance is a regional insurer in the northeastern United States, offering policies in many states. If you want to avoid working with a major auto insurance provider, Plymouth Rock might be a suitable alternative. Though Plymouth Rock has a tiny client base, it provides outstanding auto insurance coverage options and generous discounts that rival the competition.

People who insure their vehicles with Plymouth Rock are entitled to perks such as having their claims serviced through their mobile devices and having one-time cab fare coverage. Policy owners have more flexibility when they take advantage of extra optional protections that are available.

While Plymouth Rock had strong financial standing and minimal consumer complaints, it was not considered to have high customer satisfaction.

  • J.D. Power Rating — Below Average. According to the J.D. Power car insurance customer satisfaction research, Plymouth Rock had a below-average rating in the mid-Atlantic and New England areas of the United States.
  • Financial strength — Excellent. According to AM Best, Plymouth Rock’s financial rating of A- indicates stable fiscal health and a strong ability to pay out claims.
  • NAIC Rating — Above Average. The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) received fewer customer complaints regarding Plymouth Rock than the national average.

Where is Plymouth Rock car insurance available?

In New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, New York, and New Hampshire, Plymouth Rock Assurance provides vehicle insurance.

Plymouth Rock car insurance coverage options

You may get liability, collision, comprehensive, uninsured/underinsured motorist, and medical costs coverage from Plymouth Rock. In addition to standard policy advantages, Plymouth Rock offers four levels of optional coverages with various benefits.

Essential Assurance

Essential Assurance, an integral part of any insurance, includes:

  • Crashbusters® mobile claim service. You will be able to meet with a claim agent who will visit you, wherever you are, to evaluate the damage.
  • Door-to-door valet claim service. Plymouth Rock’s automotive service will pick up your car, deliver it to the repair facility, and return it to you once the work is complete.
  • Guaranteed repairs. You are assured repair service for as long as you own or lease your car, no matter which of Plymouth Rock’s licensed repair shops does the job.
  • Get Home Safe®. One-time, one-way rides home are up to $50 under this benefit.
  • Online services. It is possible to manage insurance policies over the internet, where policyholders may check for ID cards, update personal information, monitor claims, and more.
  • Pledge of Assurance®. Plymouth Rock will make a $25 donation to a charity of your choosing if it fails to achieve your customer service criteria.

Assurance Plus

The Plus plan provides the following: protection, the ability to combine with Preferred or Premier, and many perks.

  • Additional rental coverage. Your daily limit for a rental vehicle is increased.
  • Mobile device and laptop replacement. Your phone, tablet, or laptop will be fixed or replaced (up to the stated amount) if it gets damaged after a covered accident, and you will not be subject to a deductible.
  • Pet injury coverage. If a dog or cat is harmed in a covered loss, policyholders may be eligible for reimbursement for veterinarian treatment or other expenditures.
  • Seatbelt/airbag benefits. An extra death benefit can be obtained if a passenger was wearing a seatbelt and an airbag that could be activated was deployed.
  • Child car seat replacement. Plymouth Rock will pay to replace your child car seat (up to the stated limit) if it becomes damaged from a covered event.
  • Personal property coverage. This deductible-exempt coverage protects damaged personal belongings not covered by the mobile device and laptop replacement benefits.
  • Waiver of collision deductible. Even if you’re not at fault in a crash with another Plymouth Rock insured, you can avoid having to pay your collision deductible.
  • Enhanced bail bond coverage. If you have an accident while on bail, you will be eligible for a higher limit on your base insurance.
  • Loss of earnings coverage. This provides extended coverage for loss of regular income if you’re required to attend a trial or hearing because of an accident.
  • Deductible waiver for glass repairs. Your deductible will be waived for auto glass repair; the damage must be smaller than a quarter and be a result of a covered accident.

Assurance Preferred

Essential Assurance’s basic benefits are complemented by these extra features:

  • Roadside assistance. If you find yourself stuck on the road, this typical add-on will help you with being towed, flat tires, lock-outs, and battery service. Available only to consumers in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.
  • Deductible waiver for windshield replacement. If you have to replace your windshield because of a covered loss, there is no deductible.
  • Additional towing and labor coverage. If you currently have towing and labor coverage, you’ll get extra towing coverage with this.
  • Waiver of depreciation. If a part is repaired or replaced on your vehicle after an accident, its normal deduction for depreciation is waived.
  • Airbag accidental discharge coverage. If an airbag deploys accidentally — and it wasn’t caused by a covered event — Plymouth Rock will pay to repair or replace it up to the coverage limit.
  • Pet injury coverage. If your dog or cat is injured in an accident, this will cover veterinary care and other related expenses.

Assurance Premier

Including all of the coverages under Assurance Preferred, Assurance Premier adds the following:

  • Roadside assistance. For motorists on the road who want car assistance, roadside assistance offers fuel delivery, battery replacement, and lock-out services. Available for clients in Massachusetts, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut.
  • Deductible Dollars®. Policyholders can receive a $50 deductible credit each year without a claim.
  • Trip interruption coverage. It compensates for accommodation and food if a covered loss has you traveling beyond 100 miles from home.
  • New car replacement. If your automobile is totaled in the first two years you own it, this will pay for its replacement, as long as the model, make, and year are the same.
  • Plus one car replacement. Your wrecked automobile will be replaced with a new model from the same manufacturer, if it is less than two years old.
  • Loan/lease gap coverage. If your car is totaled, this insurance coverage will fill the financial difference between what you owe on your lease or loan. New car replacement and Plus One Car Replacement cannot be used in conjunction with this insurance.
  • Electronic key replacement. Plymouth Rock will cover the cost of replacing your lost or stolen electronic key.

Additional optional coverages from Plymouth Rock

The extra improvements and endorsements that can be added to a policy can be ordered à la carte from Plymouth Rock.

Accident forgiveness

Those who meet Plymouth Rock’s qualifications for getting a policy renewal won’t see an increase in their premiums following a surchargeable accident.

Full glass coverage

Comprehensive deductible charges will not be applied to claims that simply include glass.

$100 glass deductible

Your deductible for glass-only claims will be reduced to $100.

Waiver of deductible

Plymouth Rock’s deductible waiver add-on, which is only offered in Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey, waives collision deductibles in specific conditions.

New car replacement

If you’re in an accident with a vehicle that’s two years old or newer, New Automobile Replacement will provide you a new car in exchange for your damaged one (same model year, make, and model).

Loan/lease gap coverage

If your car is wrecked, the insurance settlement you get might not be enough to repay the loan or lease payment entirely. Due to the car’s depreciation, deductions were made. The difference between the market value and the cost of the vehicle is to be reimbursed by Plymouth Rock.

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Plymouth Rock auto insurance discounts

Plymouth Rock offers several very popular auto insurance discounts if you’re thinking about getting new motor coverage. There are differences in the number of discounts available, depending on the state.

Discounts based on the driver or vehicle

  • Bundling. Plymouth Rock offers you a bundle discount when you sign up for a house, condo, or renters insurance policy.
  • Multi-car. For an additional savings, insure multiple vehicles on a single policy.
  • Anti-theft/passive restraint devices. You might receive a discount on your insurance premium if you install airbags, anti-lock brakes, seatbelts, and other devices.
  • New driver. This discount is available if you have had continuous insurance coverage for two years and a driver under 19 years of age is on your policy.
  • Safe driver. Drivers with clean driving records can expect a lower premium.
  • Away at school. If you or anybody else on your policy is a student living away from home who doesn’t have access to the covered car on a regular basis, you may be eligible for this discount.
  • Driver training. To obtain this price reduction, drivers need to complete a certified driver training course.
  • Driver improvement. For drivers over 55 years of age, a discount can be earned by taking a driver improvement course.
  • Good student. Students with a “B” average in secondary and tertiary education might earn a reduction on their payment.
  • Five-year claim-free. People who haven’t had an incident in the last five years and are over the age of 22 can get a discount.

Discounts based on your policy

  • Advanced shopper. A modest discount is available for policies purchased a few days before their start date.
  • Paid in full. If you want to pay for the insurance coverage in one lump sum instead of in monthly installments, you might qualify for this popular reduction.
  • Paperless. You can get a discount on insurance papers delivered by email if you opt in.
  • Affinity or alumni groups: If you’re a member of a recognized affinity or alumni group, you may be eligible for a discount.
  • Motor club. As an authorized motor club member, you may be eligible for a modest reduction in your insurance premium.

Plymouth Rock Insurance vs. Competitors

  • Plymouth Rock. $138
  • Allstate. $170
  • Farmers. $131
  • GEICO. $94
  • Nationwide. $90
  • Progressive. $104
  • State Farm. $108

Plymouth Rock bundling options

If you’re looking for insurance beyond car coverage, Plymouth Rock offers a wide array of options.

How to cancel a Plymouth Rock insurance policy

The customer service line for Plymouth Rock insurance products can be used to cancel coverage depending on your residence. Get in touch with the firm by looking at the contact page. If your insurance is terminated before its expiration date, you may be entitled to a refund of any unused premiums.

Can I cancel my Plymouth Rock policy online?

Unfortunately, your insurance cannot be canceled via the internet at this time. To begin the process of voiding your insurance coverage, you must contact the business directly.

Plymouth Rock online features and app

Plymouth Rock’s website is easy to use and offers a thorough description of the company. It is useful for customers to be able to view auto insurance coverage and discount availability by choosing one of the six states in which the firm is present, as state laws might be different. The website gives information on the company’s homeowners insurance and offers estimates in a variety of ways: online, via phone, or through a local insurance agent.

Policyholders can manage their insurance policies using an online account as with other insurance company websites. In addition to the app, Plymouth Rock provides users with easy access to their auto and homes insurance policies through a mobile app (available for iOS and Android). A few of the app’s features are:

  • View policy and billing details
  • Claims management
  • Access proof of insurance
  • Contact an agent or claims representative

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