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Porsche Insurance Cost


Lane Hanson

August 9, 2021

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Porsche Insurance Cost

The average annual rates of vehicle Porsche insurance cost is around $2,250.

How a vehicle from Porsche affects insurance costs

Porsche Insurance Cost - Porsche Logo

The average annual cost of auto insurance for a Porsche model is around $2,250.

When deciding the cost of insurance, insurance companies consider numerous car-related aspects, such as the vehicle’s safety ratings, risk of theft, replacement prices, and general damage susceptibility.

The exorbitant cost of a Porsche translates into higher insurance costs. And, in order to safeguard their investment, most owners will select for more than the bare minimum of coverage. The car’s high safety ratings and low theft rates, on the other hand, assist to keep insurance prices in check.

Other factors that influence insurance costs include the model, mileage, and trim package. Personal factors such as your driving record, credit score, and age all play a part.

Many, though not all, of the major insurance companies will insure your Porsche. Look around for the greatest price.

For the same coverage, Porsche insurance costs will vary substantially amongst companies. If you’ve had your current insurance provider for a few years, you should seek fresh estimates to make sure you’re not overpaying.

Pros and cons of insuring a Porsche


  • Good safety ratings
  • Low theft rates


  • Costly to repair or replace

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About the Porsche brand

Ferdinand Porsche established his namesake firm in Stuttgart, Germany, in 1931. Although Porsche was not initially an automobile company, the first Volkswagen Beetle was developed by Porsche.

Porsche began hand-building their first automobile, the 356 in the 1940s. The 356 got favorable reviews from sports car aficionados. Porsche capitalized on their success by developing a slew of more popular models, including the legendary 911. Today, Porsche continues to build highly sought-after high-performance sports vehicles.

Are there any standout Porsche models?

Porsche began manufacture of the 911 in 1963. The top-of-the-line GT2 RS 911 of the current era pays homage to the original 911 while taking it into the new day.

A 96.5-inch wheelbase, a peak track speed of 211 mph, and a separate exhaust system with titanium rear silencers are among the features. The GT2 RS’s 3.8-liter six-cylinder twin-turbo engine delivers 700 horsepower and 553 pound-feet of torque, while the seven-speed Porsche Doppelkupplung transmission ensures rapid gear changes. Pricing begins at $293,200.

What’s Porsche Connect?

Porsche Connect is the company’s intelligent services package. These services may be accessed straight from your automobile or via your smartphone. Navigation, news, weather, emergency services, and other features are available. You can lock and unlock your car, track its position, and regulate the climate in your Porsche using your smartphone.

There are various bundles to choose from. The annual cost begins at $115.

What’s the Porsche Driving Experience?

Porsche has provided unique driving and racing experiences for Porsche fans since 1999, with various driving facilities located around the United States. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for drivers to test drive a Porsche they are considering purchasing, learn how to race, or simply have some fun driving a sports car.

  • Porsche Sport Driving School – At this race track in Birmingham, Alabama, you may enroll in the racing curriculum and even obtain your racing license from a team of expert driving instructors.
  • Porsche Experience Center – Whether buying, learning to race, or simply having fun in a sports vehicle. Porsche Sport Driving School is a driving school that specializes on Porsche vehicles. This racetrack near Birmingham, Alabama.
  • Porsche Driving Tours – Includes drive time and lodging, excursions and activity planning, as well as tour packages. The California Coast and Route 66 are the current route alternatives and costs start on a five-day vacation at about $9000.

Porsche car facts

  • The AG was formed in 1931 and is well-known for producing high-performance German automobiles.
  • Porsche cars have won more than 24,000 races across the world.
  • In 1899, the company’s founder, Ferdinand Porsche, built the first hybrid electric automobile. As a generator, the automobile employed an internal combustion engine.

Bottom line

Porsches aren’t cheap, and neither is the insurance required to cover one, so look around to get the best auto insurance for you.

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