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Shelter Car Insurance Review


Jeff Springer

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Shelter Car

Shelter Car

1817 West Broadway, Columbia, MO 65218

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Shelter Car Insurance policies include generous coverage packages at a reasonable price, and customers get numerous discounts.

About Shelter

The city of Columbia, Missouri, has given birth to the charitable group Shelter since 1946. Its financial muscle, also known as its ability to maintain your investments safe, is strong. On the other side, its customer satisfaction rating in claims processing, which is measured by J.D. Power and is out of 5, is Not Rated. When you get a higher J.D. Power Rating, you know you’re going to be treated well if something goes wrong.

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Shelter Car Insurance Discounts & Features

  • Safety Bonus Pricing
  • Student Discount for Good Students
  • Passive Restraint Discount Reduction
  • Reduced cost driver training course
  • Reduced Rate on Accident Prevention Course
  • Multi-Vehicle Rebate
  • Friends and Family Discount
  • Pet care voucher
  • Theft Prevention Pricing Break
  • Window ID System Cost Reduction
  • Troop Rate Reduction
  • Accessible to mobile devices
  • Policy Reimbursement Online
  • Emergency reimbursement for road service
  • Car insurance for the hole in your policy
  • Utilization Risk

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