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Metromile Insurance Review


Jeff Springer

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Metromile is a technology-focused insurance firm that is an excellent alternative for drivers with minimal mileage. Those looking for comprehensive coverage should go elsewhere.

Metromile Insurance review and summary for 2021

Metromile, a San Francisco-based insurance firm, sells vehicle insurance coverage that are based on use. The firm uses telemetry technology to create a profile of your driving behavior and reduces the weight assigned to non-driving variables. Metromile’s insurance and service claims were first underwritten by National General Insurance. Due to negative user evaluations, Metromile purchased another insurance company in 2016 to bring everything in-house. They now manage policies and claims internally.

By and large, the firm caters to infrequent drivers. Metromile may not be the ideal option for those who want specialist coverage alternatives or who log a lot of miles each year. Continue reading for our evaluation and an explanation of how Metromile works in practice.

Metromile insurance may be useful for motorists who travel seldom – and are comfortable with their driving habits being recorded. It includes a number of the typical coverage options offered by other vehicle insurance companies, including liability (bodily injury and property damage), collision, comprehensive, under/uninsured motorist, and medical costs. Additionally, they provide coverage for roadside assistance and rental reimbursement. Take a peek at our comprehensive assessment below.

Pros and cons of Metromile car insurance


  • Low-mileage drivers
  • Drivers looking for lower rates
  • Drivers who value technology-focused insurance 


  • High-mileage drivers
  • Those who want to bundle insurance types
  • Drivers who want a robust set of coverage options

Metromile car insurance coverage options

The firm offers the usual coverage choices available from the majority of auto insurance carriers, but not much more. Customers with unique coverage requirements may discover that some of these alternatives are too restrictive. However, drivers who want only basic coverage should find Metromile’s auto insurance alternatives enough for the majority of their needs. The following coverages are available:

Liability coverage

Liability insurance is a mandatory coverage choice in virtually all jurisdictions. While each state has minimal coverage requirements, you may — and probably should — increase your limits to provide additional protection in the event that you are at fault for an accident. Metromile’s liability coverage is classified as follows:

  • Bodily injury liability. This covers the costs of any injuries or fatalities sustained as a result of the accident.
  • Property damage liability. Covers damage to another driver’s vehicle or to any other property that you cause damage to in an accident.

Vehicle coverage

  • Collision. Covers physical damage to your vehicle as a result of an accident.
  • Comprehensive. Covers physical damage to your car caused by non-collision events. When combined with collision coverage, this is frequently referred to as “full coverage.”
  • Underinsured motorist coverage (property damage). Covers your vehicle if it is struck by a motorist who does not have adequate coverage (not available in all states).
  • Roadside assistance. This is beneficial if you require a tow, a jump start, a tire replacement, or a locksmith.
  • Collision deductible waiver. If you are involved in an accident with an uninsured motorist, this policy waives your deductible (availability is limited and stipulations apply).

Medical coverage

  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist (bodily injury). Covers your injuries, lost earnings, burial expenses, and pain and suffering if you are involved in an accident caused by a motorist who does not have – or has insufficient – insurance.
  • Medical payments to others (Medpay).Typically an optional policy, this contributes to the expense of health care for people in your vehicle at the time of an accident.
  • Personal injury protection. This coverage, which is not available in every state, pays for your medical bills regardless of who caused the accident.

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Metromile Insurance discounts 

Metromile does not provide a wide variety of insurance discounts. After your introductory ride along, the firm claims to offer you the best cost possible. This is accomplished by assessing a driver’s behaviors during both the initial test drive and subsequent mileage. As a result, the only genuine discounts that drivers should anticipate are the following:

Multiple vehicle discount

Adding a second vehicle to your insurance might result in cost reductions per vehicle.

Multiple vehicle discount

On a per-car basis, adding a second vehicle to your insurance might result in savings.

Safe driving discount

By driving carefully, you may save up to 40% on your initial quote.

Other coverage types

Metromile does not currently offer any coverage other than personal vehicle plans. Additionally, Metromile insurance is not available to drivers who require commercial vehicle or ridesharing coverage.

How to install the Metromile Pulse

If you want to continue with Metromile, you will be requested to review your plan and provide payment information. Additionally, you’ll be asked for your address so that the firm may send you the Metromile Pulse mileage monitoring gadget. Within five to seven business days, your gadget should arrive. A wonderful advantage is that mileage is not paid during this time period.

When your shipment comes, it will include a quick start guide and the Pulse gadget.

The instruction includes an illustration of potential places for your onboard diagnostics port (OBD-II). Though I just Googled the location for the make and model of my vehicle. You have a 10-day grace period (seven days in California) to install the device; after that, Metromile expects you to maintain it connected with the exception of a few short-term circumstances, such as automobile maintenance. (Be cautious with this one, since you may be taxed up to 250 miles per day for each day the vehicle is unplugged.)

Once I located the OBD-II port, installation was straightforward. You can manage it if you’ve ever plugged in a light. A tiny red light indicates that it is connected. You’ll need to make a brief journey to calibrate the GPS on the gadget, but after that, you should be ready to go.

Finally, you may choose to download the Metromile app to have convenient mobile access to your account. The app has several useful features, like up-to-date payment information, a car finder for those of us who can’t remember where we parked, and a notice when streets are swept (a feature that would have saved me from a parking ticket just last week). The Pulse has GPS functionality, however you may disable location-based data storage if that makes you uncomfortable. Simply keep in mind that you will be unable to use app features that rely on location data.

In general, I’d say that transferring to Metromile was simple and painless. The entire procedure may be completed without ever picking up the phone. Because I prefer to conduct the majority of my business online, not having to go through an agent was a comfort for me. I did have a few questions about this review, though, and found their customer support to be prompt and attentive. Of course, the ultimate test will come with the filing of a claim, which I pray I never have to do.

How does the Metromile Pulse work?

Making the most of your car’s data

The Pulse is equipped with telematics technology that utilizes your GPS position to track your daily mileage, decode Check Engine Light readings, and function as a locating device if you forget where you parked. While you should keep it plugged in at all times, there is no cause to be concerned about it depleting your battery. It lacks that type of strength. Additionally, if you are concerned about the GPS monitoring, you may turn it off in your account settings.

Meet AVA, Metromile’s smart assistant

Using artificial intelligence to automate your claims.

Metromile launched AVA, a feature within its mobile app that use artificial intelligence to collect information and process payments when a claim is filed. AVA can assess the validity of a claim by analyzing data from the Metromile Pulse sensor linked into your dashboard, guiding you through the process of uploading photographs as proof of damage, and assisting you in obtaining reimbursement as quickly as possible. If something goes wrong, AVA connects you to Metromile’s internal claims team.


While Metromile auto insurance is an exciting disruption to the automobile insurance market, this does not always imply that it will give the cheapest prices. When comparing insurance rates, it might pay to check costs from a variety of different vehicle insurance providers.

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