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Cure Auto Insurance Review


Lane Hanson

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Cure Auto

Cure Auto

214 Carnegie Center, Suite 301
Princeton, NJ 08540

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The cure is a car insurance provider in NJ and PA that takes a special approach to underwrite that focuses on driving history. Cure Auto Insurance is a nice option to think about for drivers who have a poor credit rating but few crashes or traffic offenses on their histories.

Cure Auto Insurance Review

Being available in the US and Canada, all Cure customers are covered in both countries at the same time. This means that drivers can drive in both countries without having to worry about having to pay for both car insurance and secondary insurance from the Canadian company.

Customers from different countries can also work together to settle their disputes with the insurance company by sharing both the home address and phone number. It’s also important to note that there is a maximum age to keep driving Cure covers for. Drivers over 30 years of age are limited to 50k miles per year of insurance. While many personal auto insurance policies claim to provide discounts for safe drivers, Cure does not work in this manner. Instead, it places a great emphasis on driving history.

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Cure Auto Insurance Customer Support

Cure’s customer support will be able to help you when you need it the most. You can get assistance from your favorite agent or via live chat 24/7. Cure Auto Insurance Claims Experience The claims process is mostly smooth and easy. They offer 30 days to make a claim, after that you are on your own. You’ll receive the check within 5-7 days of filing the claim.

Cure Auto Insurance Premiums An annual premium will set you back $99 (full coverage), $88 (enhanced), $81 (heritage) and $74 (extended coverage). Cure Auto Insurance Compare You can try out their quote right here on this page. If your car is in good shape and you have a clean driving record, Cure may be an option you should consider.

Should You Buy Cure Auto Insurance ?

Before you decide to buy anything, it’s important that you have a complete picture of your financial situation. Any auto insurance company can give you a quote based on your driving history, location, and other factors but what they can’t give you is your overall credit score and the type of car you drive.

When you get these numbers, you’ll know that the insurance company can offer you a better deal or at least make sure you get the coverage you need. Also, you should know that every insurance company makes you jump through a few hoops before you can get any coverage. You have to fill out a lot of paperwork, and at some point, you have to go to an agent to go over your policy in more detail.

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