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Infinity Car Insurance Review


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Infinity Car

Infinity Car

200 East Randolph Street, Suite 3300, Chicago, IL 60601

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Explore Infinity car insurance, examine coverage choices, discounts and claims satisfaction ratings to evaluate whether your next policy might be a good alternative with this car insurance provider. This article about Infinity Car Insurance Review might help you to decide of what insurance to choose.

Infinity Insurance Ratings for 2021

Infinity Insurer, based in Birmingham, ALA, is providing coverage in four countries, with renewal policies in Georgia, Nevada, and Pennsylvania. Infinity Insurance offers coverage in four states, California, Arizona. The firm relies on independent agents for sale of policies to drivers who have problems getting insurance elsewhere because of prior infractions, DUIs, or wrecks. They are specialising in inexpensive, not conventional auto insurance.

  • JD Power Rating — Not Rated by JD Power.
  • Financial strength — Excellent. This A.M Best grade reflects the excellent financial health of the Infinity Property and Cash Corporation and the capacity to pay claims.
  • NAIC Rating — Below Average. More complaints than usual were received from Infinity in 2019 from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC).

Infinity car insurance coverage options

The Infinity Property & Casualty Corporation covers all bases when it comes to vehicle insurance with conventional collision, comprehensive, liability and uninsured motor coverage. You may pick from many levels of coverage with different limits and features to acquire an insurance quotation or create a bespoke coverage plan. Below is some more information on the most complete coverage level of Infinity.

  • Rental car coverage. Infinity Car Insurance covers the cost of a rental car when your vehicle is out of order when it is repairable after an accident. This is a typical feature of many car insurance policies. The coverage limit for all policyholders is $20 a day and up to $600.
  • Towing and labor. Towing and towing costs are covered up to $50 with your car insurance if your vehicle is at a repair shop and you require help from a towing firm.
  • Infinity DriverClub. This is the 24/7 roadside support service of Infinity. Membership is free and only if you need it you pay for service. Conductors who are not insured for Infinity can also register for this service.

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Infinity insurance discounts and reward programs

Infinity offers certain common savings, but not as many as the most important insurance providers. Some discounts you might qualify for are detailed below.

Discounts based on your auto policy

  • Switch-and-save. If you move from a rival insurance provider to Infinity, get up to 15 percent discount.

Discounts based on the driver or vehicle

  • Multi-car. See more than one car for certain savings with the same insurance policy.
  • Safe driver. A solid driving record with reduced rates is rewarded – up to 25% cheaper.
  • Pay in full. You can get up to 15 percent discount if you pay your payment in full.

Is Infinity car insurance right for you?

If you have a spotty driving record and reside in a state where Infinity Insurance provides coverage, this might be a cheap alternative for no-frills auto insurance. With affordable prices, Infinity may be an attractive option, whether you’re searching for the bare minimum coverage required by your state or a more comprehensive insurance that includes rental car coverage and roadside assistance. However, you must balance Infinity’s less-than-stellar customer service reputation with its superior financial health rating.

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