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Who is Jake from State Farm?


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The State Farm commercial that made Jake famous became so popular that the company decided to make him a spokesperson. The commercial was an instant hit, and State Farm continued to run it for several years before expanding on the storyline. This character, based on an actual State Fund employee, actually won an audition for the role and was hired by the company without training. The company realized the potential for this character and decided to take advantage of it.

Jake from State Farm Actor was Kevin Miles

The original Jake was actor Kevin Miles, who played Jake Stone, an employee of State Farm. In the ad, Jake worked as an insurance agent, but later became a bartender for the local city. The State Farm commercial portrayed Jake working at a bar, and he traded dialogue with the new Jake. The new Jake’s role lasted for about five years, but the company decided to change the cast after his success.

Since the commercial was so popular, State Farm has changed Jake’s role. The original actor was replaced by Patty Morris, the assistant vice president of marketing and brand at the company. Despite the re-casting, the new Jake still has the same voice and speech pattern as the original. In addition, Stone has become a professional actor, and his role as Jake has become more demanding. While the original Jake was once a State Farm employee, he is now a well-known Hollywood star.

The Original Jake from State Farm

The original Jake was played by an actual State Farm agent. However, he was recast as an actor and is now a paid professional. His new role is much more demanding than the previous one. Unlike the original Jake, Patty Morris was a woman, who wore a shirt that reads “Hello, State Farm” instead of his first name. This is a great example of a successful branding strategy for a company that wants to stay in business for the long term.

The actor who played Jake in the State Farm commercial has since moved on to other roles. In the new campaign, he is no longer a State Farm insurance agent, but a bartender. In his new role, he is a part-time bartender. After the commercial was released, Jake Stone has become a seasonal City Farm employee. And in the meantime, he has a new job.

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Jake from State Farm Has A Cult Following But He Wasn’t An Actor

The original Jake Stone had a cult following, and now the new State Farm commercial has also become a huge hit with the company’s employees. In this new commercial, the company has brought back Jake’s iconic role and remade the commercial so that it will appeal to the modern market. Until that time, State Farm will continue to run its TV commercials with the new version of Jake.

During the new commercial, Jake Stone is back as the insurance agent. The actor is now a seasonal employee in a small town. The commercial also features a re-cast of Jake Stone. The original actor, who was a State Farm employee, will be replaced by an actor named Kevin Miles. This new Jake will work in a different role in the new commercial. The State Farm ad will focus on the company’s commitment to their employees.

The commercial also explains the history of Jake Stone and how the iconic commercial became a viral sensation. After the campaign, Jake Stone re-cast as a seasonal employee in a small town. The new Jake walked into a bar. In the 2020 commercial, he continues to work as a bartender. The brand has a history of using Jake as a mascot.

The State Farm campaign was a huge hit, and it’s no wonder that the ad was a cult favorite. The actor’s new role was a State Farm employee who had an enviable job. The actor was cast in a new State Farmers ad, and he was a big hit. But the commercial has also caused Jake to get a real job in a bar.

In the 2020 commercial, Jake is a bartender in a small town. He works hard to make sure everyone gets what they need. The commercial shows a lot of behind-the-scenes footage of the production process. It also gives viewers a look at the life of a State Farm employee.

The commercial ends with Jake asking if anyone needs any help. The commercial is about Jake being a good person. He helps people when they are down. He is always there for others. He even helps out a little kid who is playing soccer.

How Much Is Jake From State Farm Worth?

The actor Kevin Miles was born in Chicago and started his career at the age of eight. He also starred in two seasons of State Farm Commercials. As for Jake Stone’s net worth, it is hard to determine since he began acting at a young age. Currently, his net-worth remains under review. Nonetheless, this actor has been earning a substantial amount of money as Jake from State Farm.

Kevin Miles, who played the character of Mimms in the 2009 comedy-drama “Lap Dance”, has a net worth estimated at $500000 in 2022. He also appeared in the uncredited episode of Criminal Minds, where he played a thief.

The new Jake Stone logo was introduced in January 2012. The company was celebrating its 90th anniversary by introducing the Jake character in their advertising campaigns. The change was largely due to the rise in State Farm’s unaffiliated stock portfolio and the success of the company. He now has a net-worth of $3 million.

As Jake from the State Farm, Kevin Miles has a net worth of $500,000. The actor, who was born on August 10, 1985, has been a rising star in the industry. He has appeared in several other TV shows and movies, and has even signed a contract with the Packers for a four-year, $134 million extension. He has been a part of the State Farm family for several years.

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