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Can I Cancel My Car Insurance After an Accident?


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It is fairly uncommon for drivers to inquire whether they may cancel their car insurance after an accident. After all, accidents can be costly, and depending on your circumstances, you may believe that the expense of continuing to pay premiums is prohibitively exorbitant.

The answer to this issue is not always easy, as the unique circumstances of your accident will determine what you can and cannot do. As a result, it is critical to understand the many aspects involved as well as your legal obligations in terms of auto insurance.

To begin, it is critical to understand the various types of car insurance and what they cover. Car insurance premiums are often classified into three categories: liability, collision, and comprehensive. Liability insurance covers the price of losses for which you are accountable, whereas collision and comprehensive coverage covers damage to your car.

The manner in which you can cancel your automobile insurance after an accident is determined by the type of coverage you have and the manner in which the accident occurred. For example, if you have comprehensive and/or collision coverage and are at fault, you may be entitled to terminate your policy and receive a refund for any unused charges. However, if you have liability coverage and are at fault, you may not be able to cancel your policy because you are still accountable for any damages made to the other party.

Furthermore, if you are not at fault and the other party has the same insurance company as you, the firm may cancel your policy and repay any unused charges. This is because the insurance company will very certainly pay for the other party’s damages.

In any event, it is critical to understand the ramifications of terminating your coverage following an accident. Depending on your policy, you may be able to cancel and receive a refund for any unused premiums, but you will still be liable for any damages incurred by the accident.

Additionally, keep in mind that your rates may rise following an accident, as insurance companies will consider any previous accidents when determining your premiums. As a result, if you cancel your insurance, you may find that the cost of buying a new coverage is greater.

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