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Tesla Roadster Insurance Cost


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Tesla Roadster Insurance Cost

Car insurance for a 2021 Tesla Roadster costs an average of $278.79 per month — or $3,345.48 per year. However, your real prices will vary depending on your driving history, car model, and region.

How do I compare insurance for the Roadster?

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The 2020 Roadster retains the sporty convertible styling of its predecessors from 2008 to 2012. However, it is expected to reach faster speeds and includes a detachable glass top, making insurance more hazardous.

Additional features of this vehicle include the following:

  • Type of body. While a stylish convertible with top speeds provides a thrilling ride, its glass roof and top-down features will send insurance companies into a tailspin.
  • Fuel. Tesla is up the ante with a range of more than 600 miles. This means you may go longer between charges, which cost between $10 and $13.
  • Rates of theft. Insurance companies may fall in love with the Roadster’s anticipated low theft rate compared to prior model years.
  • Maintenance. Teslas are not renowned for automobile troubles, but they do require expensive maintenance and a skilled technician, which increases insurance premiums.
  • Coverage. You may choose to purchase a luxury insurance that includes agreed value coverage and greater policy maximums to safeguard your investment. Additionally, if you need to cover track days, consider medical costs and racing track coverage.
  • Options for insurers. While luxury automobile insurance narrows your options, insurers such as Chubb may be able to assist you in obtaining coverage. Consider insurance for electric vehicles such as Insure MyTesla or Electric Auto.
  • Warranty. This Tesla is covered by a four-year or 50,000-mile warranty, which includes roadside assistance. Although the battery warranty has not been finalized, the Model 3’s long-range battery was guaranteed for eight years or 120,000 miles.

Can I get a discount on the Tesla Roadster?

Tesla hasn’t revealed many specifics about this new car, but it’s expected to include all of the previous models’ features, which may help you save money on auto insurance.

  • Anti-theft anti-lock braking system
  • Airbags
  • Discounts on electric vehicles
  • Pretensioners for seatbelts
  • Control of stability

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Why is insurance on the Roadster so expensive?

The Roadster checks all the boxes for a high insurance rate, especially with its high MSRP and specialist parts that increase the cost of repairing or replacing for your insurer. Additionally, this vehicle can achieve speeds of up to 250 mph, a speed that may promote reckless driving on the open road.

How dependable is Tesla’s Roadster?

With Tesla’s track record for safety and a lack of recalls or issues with prior Roadsters, you can expect this forthcoming vehicle will follow suit.

  • Safety. Although the NHTSA has not evaluated the Roadster for safety, it has given several other Tesla vehicles a 5-star rating, including the Model 3, Model S, and Model X.
  • Reliability. Previous model year owners have not identified any frequent issues with the Roadster. However, if you use yours on the track, you may require further repairs.
  • Recalls. Yes, prior Roadsters had electrical wiring and rear hub flange bolt recalls.

In conclusion

The forthcoming Roadster includes a convertible top and specific coverage that combine to make it a breezy ride with a hefty insurance premium. Comparing quotes from many carriers might help you locate the greatest coverage and value, or it can help you determine the cost of insuring another vehicle.

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