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Honda CR-V Insurance Cost


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Honda CR-V Insurance Cost

For Honda CR-V insurance cost, there is an average price of $132.20 a month for 2021, or $1586.34 a year. Your cost depends on the history of your drive, the model, the location and other considerations.

About the Honda CR-V

Since 1995 the Honda CR-V has existed. According to the US News & World Report, the 2017 model is classified as the highest small SUV in its class. The Honda CR-V earned a 5-star overall rating by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration as top security pick Plus by the Institute for Highway Safety (NHTSA).

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Honda CR-V money-saving safety features

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If you come with these safety features, you save money on automotive insurance for your Honda CR-V.

  • Anti Lock brakes
  • Stability control
  • Airbags
  • Seatbelt pretensioners
  • Antitheft system

How does the Honda CR-V compare to other car models?

The Honda CR-V is exactly at the center of our 360 priciest vehicle model rankings from a price point of view.

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