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Audi SQ5 Insurance Cost


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Audi SQ5 Insurance Cost

The Audi SQ5 is a luxurious SUV that is surprisingly affordable of Audi SQ5 insurance cost. The average price for an Audi SQ5 insurance cost is $132 per month, or $1,584 per year, which is somewhat higher than the national average of $1,300. With a base price of $115,900, the yearly insurance cost–to–base automobile price ratio is 2%, which is much lower than the national average of 4%.

Audi’s SQ5 delivers a combination of luxury and power, building on the Q5’s clean aesthetics and strong architecture. Through the Quattro four-wheel drive system and performance tune, this improved version of Audi’s popular crossover SUV produces over 350 horsepower. However, despite its strong engine, vehicle insurance may be less expensive than you expect. To receive a quote, sort automobile insurance firms by state.

How to compare insurance for the Audi SQ5

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Auto insurance can be costly and time-consuming to get, yet it is required in all states except New Hampshire and Virginia. Furthermore, having the proper coverage may give peace of mind as well as save you time and money if you are involved in an accident.

While obtaining coverage for the Audi SQ5 should be simple, locating the proper insurance and provider might be difficult. When looking for Audi SQ5 insurance cost, there are several factors to consider:

  • Price. Price is an excellent method to evaluate insurance, but only if you are receiving estimates for comparable coverage. Create a sample insurance with the coverage you want, then compare quotes from several providers to get the lowest pricing.
  • Deductible. The size of your deductible might have a direct impact on the cost of your insurance. A larger deductible usually results in cheaper monthly rates, whereas a lesser deductible raises your monthly cost.
  • Minimum coverage. Except for New Hampshire and Virginia, all states have minimum coverage standards. Check to see whether your state’s minimums are satisfied before purchasing an insurance.
  • Additional coverage. Many carriers provide extra coverage choices, like as personal injury protection or uninsured motorist coverage, in addition to regular coverage. When receiving estimates, make sure to include these parameters in order to correctly compare policies.
  • Extras. When looking for coverage, you may come across no-deductible glass repair and accident forgiveness as two of many insurance options. If these qualities are essential to you, you must include them in your quotations.
  • Restrictions. Before obtaining an insurance, find out whether your provider has any coverage limits. This might assist you in avoiding refused claims or coverage gaps.
  • Manufacturer offers or loyalty discounts. Discover whether you are eligible for any manufacturer incentives or loyalty savings through any of Audi’s partnerships.
  • Warranty. To prevent paying for overlapping coverage, find out what is covered by your manufacturer’s or extended warranty..

What factors affect Audi SQ5 insurance Cost?

When determining your vehicle insurance premiums, insurance companies take into account a variety of criteria. Every vehicle is unique, and the make and model you drive may influence how you submit a claim – and the cost of auto insurance.

While the SQ5’s strong engine and sporty appearance often raise insurance rates, its excellent safety and driver aid systems may help keep costs down. Here are a few things that might affect of your Audi SQ5 insurance cost.

  • Body type. The SQ5 is a crossover SUV designed to manage highways, residential streets, gravel roads, and other terrain. Its robust construction may save insurance costs.
  • Type of car. The Theft SQ5 is a high-performance luxury car that strikes a balance between power and comfort. Its performance tune and status as a luxury car may result in higher rates.
  • Theft. SUVs are stolen considerably less frequently than sports cars and sedans, which may result in lower auto insurance rates.
  • Repairs. Luxury performance automobiles are frequently expensive to fix, which may result in higher insurance premiums.
  • Safety ratings. While the SQ5 does not have official NHTSA or IIHS safety ratings, the Q5 was named the 2017 Top Safety Pick. Because the two cars are so similar, it is possible that the cost of auto insurance will be reduced.

How do trim packages and extra build options affect insurance cost?

While both driver and location-specific factors might impact your odds of getting in an accident or making a claim, vehicle-specific elements are typically considerably more important. Because each vehicle is unique, performance, safety features, and other characteristics may change based on the brand and model.

However, in addition to the vehicle you choose, the construction choices you select might have an impact on the performance of your car. Here’s how different choices may influence your vehicle insurance rates when compared to the basic Audi SQ5 3.0 TFSI Premium Plus.


  • Prestige. This package includes a virtual cockpit with heads-up display, navigation, a parking system, a top-view camera system, and other features. The increased visibility may assist to lower insurance costs.


  • S sport package. This kit includes sport adaptive air suspension as well as a sport rear differential. The improved handling may result in cheaper insurance premiums.
  • Dynamic steering. Adding dynamic steering may enhance handling and, as a result, lower your insurance premiums.
  • Rear passenger airbags. Including this option may make your car safer, which may result in lower auto insurance rates.
  • Driver assistance package. Cruise control, lane assist, traffic sign recognition, and other features are included with this package. Including it might assist to lower insurance costs.

Audi SQ5 money-saving safety features

You could save money on car insurance for your Audi SQ5 if it comes equipped with these safety features.

  • Airbags
  • Daytime running lights
  • Antilock brakes
  • Antitheft device
  • Surround camera system
  • Parking sensors
  • Rear backup sensors
  • LED fog lights
  • Electronic stability control
  • Seatbelt pretensioners

Does the Audi SQ5 qualify for auto insurance discounts?

Depending on whatever carrier you pick, your vehicle may be eligible for certain auto insurance savings. However, the specific reductions you receive may differ based on your region, provider, selections, and other variables. Here are a few examples that should be applicable to the Audi SQ5:

  • New car discount
  • Antilock brake discount
  • Antitheft discount
  • Passive restraint discount — airbags, motorized seat belts, for example
  • Emergency roadside assistance discount

How reliable is the Audi SQ5?

Because the SQ5 has only been in production for a few years, no official dependability ratings are available at the time of writing. However, according to U.S. News and JD Power, the Q5 receives a 3/5 star rating, which is about average for vehicles in its class.

The SQ5 has only been in production since 2013, and there have been two recalls as of August 2021. Audi recalled a limited number of 2014-2015 SQ5 cars built between May 22, 2013, and April 14, 2015, due to a power steering system issue that might cause the vehicle to shut down in cold conditions. In addition, certain 2018-2019 SQ5 vehicles were recalled in 2019 due to body, seat, and rear axle assembly problems.

The Audi SQ5 has practically no frequent issues, however this might be owing to its short manufacturing duration. Having said that, many Audi vehicles suffer from carbon buildup over time, which can result in lower power or mileage. This issue, however, is typically avoidable with periodic service visits.

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Audi SQ5 maintenance

The SQ5 is designed to tackle a wide range of terrain. This vehicle is meant to be comfortable and reliable, whether traveling on the highway or traversing gravel roads up to the cottage. While it takes little upkeep to stay operating, bringing it in for periodic service visits will help you get the most out of your SQ5. Here’s a rundown of what to expect in terms of oil changes, maintenance schedules, mileage, and other details.

  • Audi suggests changing the oil every 10,000 miles or 12 months, whichever comes first. If you drive a lot, you may want to get it replaced more regularly.
  • An oil change for a SQ5 may cost between $100 and $250. The exact cost is determined by where you get your vehicle serviced and how long it has been since the previous oil change.
  • According to the 2017 Audi maintenance plan, your SQ5 should be taken in for minor repair at 10,000 miles and then every 20,000 miles thereafter. Standard maintenance should be performed after the first 20,000 miles and then every 20,000 miles after that.
  • The 2018 Audi SQ5 gets 21 miles per gallon on average, with 19 in the city and 24 on the interstate.
  • The 2017 Audi SQ5 is covered by a four-year/50,000-mile warranty as well as four years of 24-hour roadside support.

Extended warranty for the Audi SQ5?

Audi’s standard four-year, 50,000-mile Audi New Vehicle Limited Warranty is included with the SQ5. This covers any difficulties arising from parts and servicing, as well as access to roadside assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Audi also offers a Certified pre-owned Limited Warranty for two years or 50,000 miles, whichever comes first.

While Audi automobiles are usually regarded as dependable, they may be costly to maintain, particularly the higher-end versions. After your first warranty expires, the extended warranty can give additional coverage, which can bring peace of mind as your car matures.

How safe is the Audi SQ5?

The 2017 AUdi SQ5 has a 4/5 star safety rating from the NHTSA. It received a 5/5 in the side crash category, a 4/5 in the front collision category, and a 4/5 in the rollover scenario.

About the Audi SQ5

The Audi SQ5 first appeared on the European market in 1996. The most recent model has excellent road noise isolation, a beautiful cabin, and easy performance. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration have not assessed the 2017 model for safety.
The insurance cost for an Audi SQ5 is determined by safety ratings, theft rates, replacement costs, and general damage susceptibility. Insurance costs vary depending on a driver’s past and region. Before purchasing an Audi, prospective buyers should obtain insurance quotes from multiple providers in order to acquire the lowest feasible cost. Buyers of the Audi SQ5 should also do their homework to determine whether they qualify for insurance reductions with each insurance provider.

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Bottom line

The SQ5 is a more powerful, sportier version of Audi’s popular Q5 crossover SUV. The SQ5 adds a number of functional and aesthetic elements to the Q5’s outstanding array of safety and driver aid systems.

Despite the more powerful engine, vehicle insurance may be less expensive than you think. Compare your options to discover an insurance that matches your budget and find out how much you’ll spend.

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