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Audi Insurance Cost


Lane Hanson

July 9, 2021

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Audi Insurance Cost

On average, Audi insurance rates are about $200 per month, although certain models may be purchased for $125 or less per month. This pricing is similar to other premium vehicles of comparable price. It’s also based on your driving record, kilometers driven, and location.

Audi Insurance Cost

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How your choice of vehicle affects Audi insurance rates

Although Audi cars are considered premium vehicles, their insurance is usually more expensive. Although the 2018 Audis assessed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration received overall ratings of 5 stars, not all received 5 stars in every category. Getting savings on your Audi insurance just got a lot easier now. And the more safety features you select for your new Audi, the better.

Audi is in great demand in the high-end market. Such a massive fan following will make it tough to gain media attention. Most major insurance companies provide this German vehicle as part of their plans.

Are there any standout models?

According to Kelley Blue Book, the Audi A5 Sportback has received the title of 2018 Luxury Car Best Buy, while Car and Driver has rated it at 4.5 stars and calls it a “masterstroke by Audi. And that is to be expected because the base price of this elegant luxury car begins at $42,600. Also considered is that the vehicle is outfitted with a full infotainment system, a strong 252-hp 2.0 TFSI engine that completes the 0-60 mph distance in only 5.7 seconds, and an innovative Quattro all-wheel-drive system.

Pros and cons of insuring an Audi


  • Insurance premiums are lowered with good safety ratings from the NHTSA.
  • The less Audis are stolen, the cheaper insurance is.


  • Luxury cars are more expensive to insure
  • Built outside the US

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About the Audi brand

Horch & Cie. was established in Cologne, Germany, by August Horch in 1899. After the board didn’t agree with him, August Horch formed another automobile business, but because the name Horch was already trademarked, he was unable to use it. His choice was not Latin, but a Latinization of his name. “Hörch” mutated into “audi.”

In 1932, four motor vehicle manufacturers (Audi, DKW, Horch, and Wanderer) were brought together as one in the form of the four-ring emblem of Audi, as described by today’s answer. The four major German car firms were known as Auto Union AG as a result of their merger. Becoming the Audi we know today, the business has a long history.

What’s Audi MMI?

In order to handle all of these functions, Audi has designed an MMI (multimedia input) operating system that is highly customizable. For Audi, the “nerve center” is a useful metaphor. You may listen to music, make phone calls, receive directions, and do many other things with Audi MMI.

Bottom line

Audi is a premium automobile company that makes vehicles that are safe and dependable but that cost somewhat more to insure than the norm. Shopping around to get the best vehicle insurance policy for you can help you save money on car insurance.

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Frequently asked questions

Browse answers to common questions about insurance in Audi Insurance Cost, .

Are Audi's expensive to insure?

Finding cheap Audi insurance is feasible if you shop around. In reality, GEICO offers annual premiums under $900 for Audi A4, A5, Q3, and Q5.

Are Audi's expensive to maintain?

Audis are high-maintenance vehicles. The average annual cost of Audi repairs, according to Vehicle Reliability, is $987. This is significantly more than the $652 average across all brands.

What are the cheapest Audi models to insure?

In order to save money on Audi insurance, you should start with the A5 sedan or the Q3 crossover SUV, as these are the least expensive Audi models to insure.

is it cheaper to insure an Audi or BMW?

The difference in the actual cost of ownership is due to the fact that the BMW is somewhat more expensive to repair and gets slightly poorer fuel mileage; however, the fundamental reason is that it is more expensive to insure a BMW Sedan. It’s cheaper to own an Audi than a BMW. And likewise, Audi insurance is cheaper.

How much is insurance for an audi?

Audi insurance premiums are typically around $200 per month, while select models may be purchased for as little as $125 per month. This MSRP is equivalent to that of other premium automobiles in this segment. Additionally, it is determined by your driving history, miles driven, and location.

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