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How long should it take to jump a car?


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How Long Should It Take To Jumpstart A Car?

Once the cables are properly connected, jumpstarting your car should take no more than 5 minutes. If it does not start after 5 minutes of being connected, the battery is most likely dead or has been improperly jumped.

Examine your cables to get a better idea of where the issue is coming from. Examine to ensure that the red, positive clamps are securely connected to the positive terminals of each battery. Then you should take a look at the negative clamps. One should be connected to the negative terminal of the good battery, while the other should be grounded to a piece of stationary, unpainted metal.

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If My Car Doesn’t Start Could My Battery Be Dead?

If the clamps are properly connected but the vehicle still won’t start, the battery is most likely faulty. Speak with a mechanic or auto shop in your area to learn more about your battery purchasing and installation options. Because you will be unable to move your vehicle, you must either install the battery yourself or arrange for it to be towed.

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