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Volkswagen Atlas Insurance Cost


Lane Hanson

August 31, 2021

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Volkswagen Atlas Insurance Cost

On average, anticipate your Volkswagen Atlas insurance cost to pay $179 a month. That’s around 2.148 dollars each year. The Touareg is $500 dollars less than his sister. The amount you pay, however, depends on criteria such as driving records, gender and age and driving.

How do I compare insurance for the Atlas?

What driving your automobile might impact your premium and if it is new or old. Additional considerations are at stake:

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  • Body type. The Atlas is a five door SUV and the largest vehicle manufactured on the MQB platform of the Volkswagen Group. The Atlas will be more costly to insure than a sedan because of its size.
  • Fuel. The Atlas is fired by gas and has 22 to 26 mpg claimed.
  • Theft rates. Theft prices for the latest Atlas models are not yet available. Volkswagens tend to have low theft rates in general, which might assist to decrease your premium cost.
  • Maintenance. In order to maintain or repair your Atlas, on average, you could pay $191 a year. But this relies primarily on how much mending is done. Many customers who had their Atlas restructured report that it was difficult to obtain components and they have waited for months to arrive.
  • Coverage. Consider purchasing extensive insurance coverage to protect your Atlas from robbery, vandalism, fire, natural catastrophes and more.
  • Warranty. If you buy a new Atlas, you get a six-year, or 72,000-mile bumper to bumper, transferable warranty. But you won’t get free roadside help with your new Atlas, unlike many manufacturers.

Does the Volkswagen Atlas qualify for discounts?

The Atlas has security measures that might lower your insurance costs. In other words:

  • Airbags
  • Theft alarm system
  • Overhead view camera system
  • Pedestrian monitoring and front assist
  • Park assist

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How reliable is the Volkswagen Atlas?

  • Safety. The Atlas obtains an overall safety rating of NHTSA 5 star and an excellent IIHS safety grade. The 2018 Atlas model represented the highest level of safety for the year.
  • Reliability. The dependability rating predicted by JD Power is around average.
  • Recalls. For problems with the electrical system, there was only one security recall in 2018. There was no audible warning in certain cars to let the driver know that when the door was open the key still remained in ignition.

Bottom line

The average Volkswagen Atlas insurance cost is $179 per month that is consistent with most SUVs. However, your insurance rate may vary based on criteria like gasoline type, guarantee and miles.

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