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Dodge Durango Insurance Cost


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Dodge Durango Insurance Cost

Dodge Durango insurance cost is $186 a month, or $2,232 a year for typical assurance expenses. Depending on your record, the number of miles you drive a year and other factors, your real costs might be higher or less.

Additional factors might influence your car insurance rate

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  • The model year of the Dodge Durango
  • The trim of the car
  • The coverage that you require
  • Measure your journey in one year
  • Safety and theft characteristics of the vehicle
  • Credit rating of the driver
  • Place of the driver
  • The age of the driver
  • The history of the driver in the last five years
  • The status of the driver
  • Your gender (or the driver)
  • Whether the motorist is renting, leasing or owning the car

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