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Bentley Mulsanne Insurance Cost


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Bentley Mulsanne Insurance Cost

Our analysis shows that it may cost you $270 to $1.370 a month, or between $3,240 and $16,440 a year to ensure your Bentley Mulsanne. That’s quite a number, but not all insurers are going to take such a pricey automobile, so you have to evaluate your coverage alternatives and find out what’s most important for you.

How to compare insurance for the Bentley Mulsanne

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Probably you have to phone some insurance firms to acquire your Mulsanne’s precise insurance quotation because they are expensive. Most firms would not even bother to give you this premium car an online quotation. Apart from the suppliers that do not affect Bentley, Geico, progressive and tourists include Erie, Farmers, and Allstate.

Consider while comparing Bentley Mulsanne’s insurance options:

  • Price. You definitely don’t want to settle for your Bentley Mulsanne’s lowest insurance premium because repairs might be pricey. Compare your choices instead to discover the greatest value for your needs.
  • Deductible. In the long term, a large deductible on your Bentley may not make sense. If an accident demands expensive repairs, before insurance starts, you will need that amount in your hands.
  • Coverage. Most luxury automobile owners seek coverage beyond the basic requirements of state insurance. Watch out for collisions and comprehensive coverage to cover potential costly damages in your insurance.
  • Restrictions. Luxury automobiles such as the Mulsanne are not readily insured by all insurance providers, so your options might be rather limited.
  • Manufacturer offers. For all new vehicles, Bentley offers a three-year unlimited roadside aid plan.

Why is insurance so expensive for the Bentley Mulsanne?

The cost of insuring the Bentley Mulsanne is more since a luxury automobile implies that it may be considerably higher than government minimal coverage and more coverage equals larger prizes. Not everyone in the insurance industry is willing to cover a premium vehicle like Mulsanne, restricting the possibilities for your provider.

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What factors affect car insurance for the Bentley Mulsanne?

Luxury automobiles such as the Bentley Mulsanne usually cost insurance more than any other, because components are scarce and imported. Furthermore, not every store works on Bentley, so you may have to spend top dollars to get your shops to the shop.

Your insurance premiums may also influence the three trim packages that you drive from Mulsanne:

  • Mulsanne Base. This model, even though starting at $304 670, is the least costly.
  • Mulsanne Speed. This model has 530 horsepower, whereas 505 hp is used for the versions Base and Extended WheelBase. While the Mulsanne Speed is somewhat cheaper than the Extended Wheelbase, it can be paid for because of speedier insurance.
  • Mulsanne Extended Wheelbase. The most costly variant from $361,500 offers a more comfortable rear seat.

Driver factors and insurance costs

Other characteristics such as age, sex, location, credit score, and history of your automobile might have an impact on your car insurance price beyond the brand and model of your vehicle.

Insurance companies perceive sports cars to be at a higher risk than other vehicles in the event of accidents. That is why the Mulsanne Speed might be a little cheaper than the others.

You might also notice above-average prices if you reside in a town with congestion or high crime rates.

Does the Bentley Mulsanne qualify for discounts?

Yes, with safety features, which may provide you a reduction on your premium, the Bentley Mulsanne also comes with:

  • Antilock brakes
  • Stability control
  • Parking sensors
  • Blindspot alerts
  • Airbags
  • Pretensioners
  • Antitheft security system

Reliability and safety ratings for the Bentley Mulsanne

Because the Bentley Mulsanne is so costly and hence not very frequent on the road, there are no official data about safety or reliability. But overall, in recent years, Bentley has become reputed to be one of the most untrustworthy vehicle companies.

This may be because premium automobiles tend to have more issues in general than the ordinary daily driver, plus parts can be expensive and difficult to source.

Reliability sounds more like a problem according to internet reviewers when purchasing a used Bentley or when driving your Bentley more often than only to display it sometimes. After all, the greater the odds of something breaking, the more you drive it.

The Bentley Mulsanne series maintenance

Luxury vehicles such as the Mulsanne Bentley do not only have to buy very much – they cost more than normal maintenance and repair expenses. The payment for frequent oil changes is expected to be approximately $500 per year with a further $1.400 to $2.500 per year for other maintenance.

You will also need to go shopping for a mechanic working on Bentley Mulsanne’s, as most won’t handle such a luxurious automobile. Wait and wait longer for your dealership or specialist shop to bring your Bentley.

How long does it take to make a Bentley?

It’s not surprising that they’re in a very long production process before they are ready on the road. Bentley is recognized for being an intricacy for luxury.

It takes up to 30 hours for the Bentley Mulsanne to construct the engine, around 170 hours to make the interior, it takes more than 125 hours for the body to assemble, and 15 hours for the steering wheel to build itself.

Another reason this model is so costly to buy and insure is that it takes all the time and attention required to build a Bentley.

Bottom line

Bentley’s speed, luxury, and heavy price tag are well recognized. To insure, fix and maintain your Mulsanne you should expect to pay more than usual.

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