AAA Auto Insurance Review

AAA has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, and the groups with whom it brokers policies have an Excellent financial strength rating from A.M Best, indicating that it is a firm that is likely to pay insurance claims. Along with high ratings, AAA members receive a variety of discounts on vehicle coverage, life insurance, and other insurance products.

AAA Pros and Cons


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  • AAA provides several different types of insurance bundles, such as house, vehicle, life, and pet insurance.
  • AAA membership comes with a host of extra perks.
  • Drivers under age 35 show a very high level of customer trust in the company.
  • a variety of discounts


  • If you are searching for more extensive or specific insurance, you may want to check elsewhere.

AAA Auto Insurance Reviews

The only people who can get vehicle insurance via AAA are AAA club members. Each grade of automobile insurance offered by the organization is essential to fulfilling state minimums (liability, collision, comprehensive coverage, etc.). Some of AAA’s most distinctive auto insurance coverage solutions for motorists are presented here, alongside some typical costs.

  • Claims satisfaction. J.D. Power’s 2020 claims satisfaction assessment gave AAA below-average scores.
  • Customer satisfaction. Average: AAA’s customer service satisfaction score with J.D. Power was in the middle of the pack in its research from 2021.
  • Financial strength. Superior: AAA’s A+ credit rating from A.M Best makes it easy to determine that the firm is stable financially.
  • Claims satisfaction. (NAIC) — Poor: The NAIC registered more complaints than the national median about AAA members.

Where is AAA auto insurance available?

All 50 U.S. states and Washington, D.C., have AAA vehicle insurance available.

AAA car insurance coverage options

Standard coverage choices including liability coverage (both personal injury and property damage), comprehensive and collision, and uninsured/underinsured coverage are offered by AAA vehicle insurance. AAA members also enjoy a range of additional endorsements that may be added to your insurance policy, as well as many other perks. Look below for a wide range of AAA offerings, but remember that certain alternatives might not be accessible in every state.

  • Accident forgiveness: This insurance coverage is optional or standard depending on your place of residence. Your insurance premiums won’t rise after your first at-fault collision if you join AAA.
  • Extended car rental expenses coverage: Even if your automobile repair work isn’t done, many insurance providers will limit your rental coverage to the time limit of your rental car. Your rental car expenses will be covered by AAA’s coverage while your automobile is repaired.
  • Pet coverage: If your pet is hurt in a vehicle crash, AAA can help cover its vet expenses up to $500.
  • 12-month policy: One year of certainty on your rates is offered by this option.
  • New vehicle replacement: For one year after the first accident, AAA will provide a new automobile in exchange for your totaled car. New automobile replacement insurance is an interesting topic to study.
  • Limited loan/lease payoff: If your car is wrecked in a covered accident, AAA will pay the remaining balance of your loan or lease. This is also known as gap insurance. You could have to replace the motor if the amount of the claim check is less than the value of the car due to depreciation.

AAA roadside assistance

AAA roadside assistance is its specialty. You may purchase it either as an additional coverage option or as a standalone option. AAA’s roadside assistance program is tiered, offering greater advantages for the top tier.

Look into how AAA’s roadside assistance is like the other suppliers in the industry.

Membership benefits

AAA’s non-vehicle-related membership incentives differ from those of other insurance providers. Tiers like AAA’s roadside assistance are utilized.

AAA car insurance discounts

A variety of benefits are available to AAA members. Some of the best strategies for saving money are listed here.

  • Multi-policy discount: You may save 9 to 22 percent on your vehicle insurance if you combine it with renters, homeowners, condo, or life insurance coverage.
  • Multi-vehicle: By securing insurance for all your cars with AAA, you will get a 26% discount on your rate.
  • Advanced purchase: You’ll get a 5% discount if you pay your membership and premium payments more than seven days in advance of your policy’s expiration date.
  • Longevity: To get a 12% reduction on AAA premiums, you have to transfer from your existing insurer after having been with them for three consecutive years.
  • Paid in full: You can get a 5 percent reduction on your insurance if you pay in full before your insurance period starts.
  • Original owner: You can save 5% on your rate if you are the first owner of your car.
  • Good student: You might save 15 percent on some coverage choices if you’re a good student.
  • Driver training: If you take a certified driver’s education course, AAA may cut your rate by as much as 3% on some coverage options.

AAA Auto Insurance vs. Competitors

Rates by Company : Average Monthly Premium

  • AAA. $151 Dollars
  • Geico. $100 Dollars
  • AllState. $169 Dollars
  • Nationwide . $119 Dollars
  • National Average. $129 Dollars

Where is AAA auto insurance cheapest?

In these five states, AAA’s auto insurance rates are one of the cheapest providers.

Monthly Premium

  • California. $145 
  • Michigan. $183 
  • Indiana. $85
  • Minnesota. $90
  • Utah. $92 
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AAA insurance bundling options

AAA provides a wide range of insurance policies for customers. You may save money and reduce your insurance costs by bundling several of these coverages, which the firm provides. It’s important to remember that some types of coverage may need a membership. Browse this list of AAA coverage choices.

Can I cancel AAA insurance in the middle of my policy term? 

Yes. The AAA can be canceled whenever you choose. AAA enables members to terminate their policies at any time throughout their terms. Though it is critical to first obtain another insurance policy in order to avoid a gap in coverage, you should not terminate your coverage until you have done so. Before canceling your AAA membership, begin comparing prices and acquiring a new policy. You may avoid higher insurance premiums or, in the case of car insurance, higher fines from your state’s DMV by using this strategy.

How to cancel AAA insurance

To terminate your AAA insurance, either visit your local AAA office or call 1-877-387-8378. A representative or an agent can advise you whether or not you’re subject to any early cancellation costs or whether you are owed a refund on already paid premiums. Before you terminate your existing insurance coverage, be sure that you have a new policy in place.

Here’s how to terminate your AAA coverage:

  1. Provide your policy number and other customer details
  2. Request that your contract and any recurring payments be canceled effectively immediately
  3. Answer any follow-up questions honestly
  4. Request that a confirmation email be sent

AAA insurance online features 

The online services offered by AAA insurance are developed to meet the needs of today’s customers. AAA provides its customers with a simple-to-use website via which they may estimate, claim, and pay for their premiums. You will be asked to input your ZIP code to find your local AAA club.

Additionally, AAA provides applications for mobile devices. See our following summary of characteristics.

Auto Club

Customers may have access to insurance policy details, insurance quotes, and online bill pay using the Auto Club app (both for membership and insurance premiums). In addition, this app is necessary to participate in AAA’s telematics program. The app provides additional details, such as:

  • Hotel and flight booking
  • Trip planner
  • Traffic conditions
  • Battery replacement quotes
  • Approved auto repair facilities
  • Cheapest gas prices in your area
  • Locations of member branch offices

AAA Mobile

This software is built mainly for AAA members. The AAA has a roadside help program for members which is separate from auto insurance. You may want to investigate additional features of the AAA Mobile app, as you can see below.

  • Maps
  • Discount information (hotels, restaurants and more)
  • Hotel and rental car booking
  • AAA approved repair facilities
  • Battery replacement quotes
  • A scannable, digital membership card that can be added to Passbook

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