Ferrari F12 Berlinetta Insurance Cost

Ferrari F12 Berlinetta insurance cost have high rates with specialist Italian components that automatically position it at the top end of insurance prices, known also as F12 Berlinetta, Berlinetta and F11B. But depending on F12’s safety measures, you may aim for savings.

How do I compare insurance for the Ferrari F12?

The Ferrari F12 is a costly, fast coupé that lends itself to higher insurance prices immediately. Fortunately, during the first few years the manufacturer’s warranty and maintenance plan should assist to reduce your repair expenses.

Ferrari F12 Berlinetta Insurance Cost - Ferrari Logo
  • Body type. The Ferrari F12 is a fast, sporty luxury coupe.
  • Fuel. This automobile has an expected yet low fuel efficiency of 13mpg town and road combined.
  • Maintenance. In any luxury car the maintenance expenses of specialist components or manufactures may be costly. Moreover, this automobile tends to blinker with high-quality petrol, particularly in terms of speed and performance.
  • Coverage. With the heavy price tag paid by a Ferrari, consider taking a luxury vehicle insurance that frequently enables you to pick the agreed value coverage. Add-ons such as uninsured/underinsured engines, loan gap and extensive can also be considered.
  • Insurer options. Not all insurers provide Ferrari car coverage, so you may have to go shopping for someone you like.
  • Warranty. A 3 year, unlimited miles guarantee is offered by Ferrari. Furthermore, at no additional cost you will receive your 7-year maintenance plan.

Why is Ferrari F12 Berlinetta insurance cost so expensive?

The Ferrari F12 has higher expenses to insure, given that it is a sports automobile that features a V12 engine and is faster than some of the other Ferrari models. Its high retail price is also reflected in its higher repair cost.

Does the Ferrari F12 qualify for discounts?

There are numerous basic safety measures available on the F12 that can qualify for reductions. Including:

  • Anti-theft system
  • Airbags
  • Anti-lock brakes
  • Electronic stability control
  • Low tire pressure warning
  • Parking sensors

Why is Ferrari F12 Berlinetta insurance cost so high?

The F12 has incredible performance that makes it a little more expensive to ensure:

  • High sale price. On purchase, the F12 will reward you with more than $300,000! Its high price indicates that repairing or replacing your insurance business will cost extra.
  • Powerful engine. The F12 has a very high level of horsepower, which makes it more risky.
  • Higher coverage. In this automobile you have invested a lot of money thus you could wish to have greater coverage limits, luxury car insurance or additional additions to your policy.
  • Specialized repairs. Do you want mechanical or genuine Ferrari parts? This increases repair costs and increases your insurance rates.
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How reliable is the Ferrari F12?

The lack of security data in this automobile might add to the high cost of insurance. There were also several typical reminders in earlier Ferraris. Car owners nonetheless confirm their trustworthiness on the road.

  • Safety. With leading safety testing organizations, the Ferrari F12 does not have safety ratings. This may be linked to the fact that the automobile is not the first choice of the buyer. Its price includes a class of luxury.
  • Reliability. The dependability of the F12 is not much of the official information. However, Ferrari owners prefer to see their cars as trustworthy vehicles on forums and sites, particularly when well maintained.
  • Recalls. Old F12 vehicles recorded faulty airbag installation and an airbag inflator that might detonate after use. This issue was not noticed by the later models in 2016 and 2017.

Bottom line

The expense of a car’s high insurance contributes to the price and specific parts of the Ferrari F12 needed for maintenance. There is also little safety information accessible. However, the automobile can qualify for insurance savings and it contains a guarantee for several years which covers basic repairs.

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